Michigan District Baptist Association’s 89th Annual Session, July 18th – 22th, 2016…”LET’S
FIGHT!” [Jude 3 & Ephesians 6:10-18]; Rev. Dr. Steve Bland, Jr. –
MDBA Moderator. At Elyton Baptist Church, 8935 St. Cyril St., Detroit,
MI 48213; Rev. Gerald Miller – Host Pastor. Guest Lecturer – Tuesday thru Thursday @ 6PM: Dr. Elliott Cuff, Dean of National Baptist Convention Congress of Christian Education. Schedule of Services…Monday, July 18th @ 7PM: Laymen’s Night with Deacon Ray Nelson – President. Tuesday, July 19th @ 7PM: Women’s Night with Rev. Pattie Dexter, President. Wednesday, July 20th @ 7PM: Congress Night with Rev. Dr. Wilma Johnson – President. Thursday, July 21st @ 7PM: Moderator’s Night with Rev. Dr. Steve Bland, Jr. – MDBA Moderator; Friday, July 22nd @ 7PM: Youth Night with Sister Ruth Evans – President.