Innovative Detroit Church to Host 2nd Year of “Nights of Terror”

 DETROIT, MI October 27, 2009 – So you say you have NO FEAR; stop by “Nights of Terror” and you will truly KNOW FEAR!  On Friday October 30th and Saturday October 31st Citadel of Faith will host “Nights of Terror” at The Considine Recreation Center.  Packed full of fear, blood, and controversy, this Evangelical Production will scare the HELL out of you!

 Pastor Harvey Carey stated: “This is NOT a haunted house; this is an outreach event that uses dramatic imagery to challenge the beliefs and attitudes of people leading reckless lives.”

 Pastor Carey continued, “Most teenagers aren’t afraid of the consequences of their actions. As a result, they engage in harmful activities that they believe are fun or cool, with no regard for the outcomes. Citadel is passionate about reaching youth and helping to improve their lives. Our goal with Nights of Terror is to use Halloween as an opportunity to dramatically demonstrate to youth the consequences of their choices.”

 Earlier this year, Pastor Carey was selected, unanimously, to be one of the keynote speakers at The Leadership Summit in Germany.  Rick Warren also presented at this globally broadcasted conference.

 Nights of Terror will be held at The Considine Recreation Center is located at 8904 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202.  Due to content, children under 12 are not allowed !  Teenagers 13 – 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  Secure parking is available and admission is $5.  Doors will be open from 6 pm to 10 pm both Friday and Saturday.  “No fear” is not an option!

 Citadel of Faith Covenant Church is a new ministry under the direction of Pastor Harvey Carey. Since its six-year inception, the church has been continuously committed to the community and outreaches that bring about spiritual and social change. Citadel of Faith is located: 8801, Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202.  For more information call (313) 871-3678.

 The word, Citadel means a fortress that sits on the commanding height of the city for it’s safety and defense. We aim to build a ministry where all of the hurting, distressed, confused, rich or poor, of all races and cultures come to seek answers from the word of God that are relevant to the issues of their lives. To attract those who are in need of God’s manifest power in their lives, we will reflect the light of God through sincere and consistent connections and service to those in our community.   ____________________________________________________________________________

To set up media interviews, with either Pastor Carey or Pastor Marshall, contact Program Manager Monife Knuth at (248) 470-3438.