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The stage play, 4 Daughters Minus 1, 2000 A.D., takes place in a beautiful theater in the 21st century as the world celebrates the writings inspired by Father Yahweh. Four of his royal daughters (Ruth, Queen Bathsheba, Elizabeth, and the Woman at the Well) along with Elijah were asked by the literary committee to share insights about some of the most celebrated and inspired work including literature written by King David, King Solomon and the Book of Ruth. They provide insight about why this body of literary work has lasted for centuries.

This event is one that members of the royal family have been waiting for, an evening when the world acknowledges the impact of their father’s contributions, as he is inducted into the 21st Century Literary Hall of Fame.

Everything is perfect until an uninvited daughter named Jezebel shows up.

Her mission is to confront the Father about the literature portraying her negatively and to remind him that other daughters have done shameful acts which has been covered up.

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