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In February 2004, launched its first website with jazz duo Partners in Christ as our first Spotlight Artists. Through many ups and downs over the past 14 years, including numerable site issues due to age, we find ourselves re-launching into the bright bold world of 2018.

It was very important to us, however, to preserve the Detroit gospel history that was such a part of our previous sites. To that end, we have imported over 1000 articles spanning the years of 2004 through 2017. The import process, though successful, was not perfect. There are links that go to now-defunct locations; there are missing photos; there are incorrect dates; there are mysterious titles; but mostly there is content that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet and represents a labor of love from our founding contributers: Mary Crosby, Keith Crosby, Renee’, Carl B. Phillips, Karen Hunt-Barker, Conway Norwood, Brenda Underwood, June Green, Felicia Williams, Pam Perry, Anthony Howard, Pastor Eric Moore, Wanda Edwards, and many more.

We are working to correct any errors in the over 1000 articles in our Archive, but in the meantime please feel free to enjoy this “throwback” section of the website. If you’d like to send us updates and corrections, that’s ok too!

Mary Crosby Founder and Managing Editor

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