Detroit gospel artist, and former host of WEXL 1340AM’s “Joy and Jones In The Morning,” Chris Jones, passed away October 8, 2006, from a massive heart attack. Our prayers go out to Chris’ family. Chris will be greatly missed. (Link to Tyscot Records Announcement)


Chris Jones

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Tribute to Chris Jones by Carl B. Phillips

Sitting in the choir stand this past Sunday, one of my choir members leaned over and told me he had just been text-messaged that my friend, Chris Jones, had passed. I didn’t want to believe it; I prayed it was a false rumor. But sadly, after service I discovered it was not a rumor, the story was true, the city of Detroit had lost one of its gospel stars, Minister Chris Jones.

Over the past few days, I reflected back to my first meeting Chris at Highland Park High School. At the time he was singing with a group called “The Word.” Over the years I had the opportunity to watch the ministry of Chris Jones mature, from the debut of his ensemble of singers, to the first time I heard Chris say, “When I say ‘Shabach’ you say ‘praise’.” Chris never changed, whenever I saw him he had that big smile, and when you left his presence he would use his favorite saying, “may God bless your heart and all your parts.”

His recordings included “Like A Rock” featuring the hit “Like A Rock,” also the #1 song “Exalt The King,” and the song he dedicated to his mother, “Can’t Wait.” Chris also recorded with his brother, Stan Jones, under the group name “The Word.” The CD “How U Gonna Live” was produced by childhood friend Tony Rich. He was a featured vocalist on “Detroit Sings Nu Hymns,” bringing new life to the hymn “I Know It Was The Blood.” His last recording “Dance” came out earlier this year, once again showcasing Chris’ vocal prowess.

Our prayers go out to his family and the Wings of Love Baptist Church where Chris faithfully served. No matter where his career took him, he always found time to be in support of his church. We also pray for his group “Word of Praise” in the loss of their beloved founder.

The last time I saw Chris I teased him about his new CD “Dance” and I joked that I was still waiting to see him dance. Chris you’re in a place now where you can dance and never get tired you don’t have to wait any longer. You’re in a place where you can “Exalt The King.”