Submitted by: Tanya LaNice

Bishop Corletta J. Harris Vaughn is certainly no stranger to the Christian Community. While she does not hail as Detroit’s only female Bishop, she is truly Detroit’s first female consecrated to the Bishopric. Over the years, Bishop Vaughn’s ministry has taken her all across the nation for the primary purpose of “Knowing God and Making Him Known” This is also the mandate for her organization, Go Tell It Ministry Worldwide Network of Churches. Renowned for her unique ability to set order with a raw and rare genuineness, it appears that one would either completely embrace – or totally reject her ministry. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground for the absolute truth that she freely delivers across the pulpit.

Being flexible and multitalented, Bishop Vaughn’s spectrum is endless when it comes to service and achieving goals. She can be summonsed to stand in prayer with top government officials, counsel members of her local church (The Holy Spirit Cathedral of Faith), complete transactions to finalize real estate and business deals and then appear on Oprah all in a matter of hours – without ever blinking to her never-ending schedule. It’s not uncommon to find political and religious figures seeking counsel from her; and the transition to counsel between the two is one that does not cause her any concern. Bishop Vaughn is sound spiritually and politically. A chameleon with unlimited abilities, Bishop is a wife and mother, an entrepreneur, musician, registered nurse, interior designer and a woman that mightily embraces her calling as a full-time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With the release of her CD “There’s A Flow” in 2004, one of her many talents is expressed and her passion for worship comes to life and compels people from all across the country to embrace personal time with God. Her fasted and dedicated life has produced a ministry that has effected and perfected lives and produced signs, wonders and miracles. Bishop Vaughn is known to be a catalyst that invokes change. Traveling across the states to spread the gospel, conduct interviews and conferences, she does not show any sign of slowing down in this race to save souls. As she empowers those that come in contact with her, her ability to usher them into a more personal relationship with God is inevitable. Bishop Vaughn encourages members and friends to stay focused, follow their dreams, and always believe that with the Holy Spirit all things are possible.

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