On Thursday, April 23, 2009, DetroitGospel.com was invited by Mike Sears to come and speak at Career Day at the Marvin L. Winans Academy for Performing Arts.It was an all day event with many people coming from various companies and industries to speak to the classes.CoCo from WJLB and Def Comedy Jam fame was on hand. Also, Jeff Cross, photographer for the world famous Clark Sisters, provided information on photography. When I arrived for the afternoon sessions, my “nephews” 21:03 were performing, with the young folks screaming for their attention – how exciting it was for them

I got to speak to the 6th grade Social Studies and Science classes – Mr. Alef and Ms. Patrico, then I spoke to the 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies classes – Ms. Teresa Romley and a substitute, Ms. Ebony Lane.I shared with the classes how DetroitGospel.com – a web-based gospel magazine – was a vision of Mary Lynne and Keith Crosby and how it has grown to be a mainstay in the gospel music industry.I told them how the staff has the opportunity to cover various gospel events, plays, concerts and programs; interview gospel artists and other artist who either live in the state of Michigan or are ministering here.I advised them how we have businesses who advertise with us; how we send out e-blasts for various events; cover CD releases; and, a bevy of other services – I invited them to go onto the website and take a look around.

The main thought I pray I conveyed to them was that they have to set a goal for their lives, have a passion for the business or industry they want to make a career from, then plan their work and work their plan.Many wanted to be movie stars, singers, basketball/players, musicians, fashion designers and more.I suggested they research their various areas of interest, but always have a plan “B, C or D”, especially in the area of basketball and football players.We discussed their plans, they inquired about how I got started with DetroitGospel.Com, I advised them it was “God’s Favor”….I mentioned I sang, then they asked me to sing for both classes, but I enjoyed them immensely.

From the 6th grade, I want to give shouts out to Kelsey, Jalyn, Alexis, Faith, Trevaun, Keyona, Otis, Tyessa, Lavar, Sarata, India, Akilah, Daryll, Hawah, Dynasty, Lauren, Taylor, Brandon, Martez, Kenyan, Keyana, Damon, Elyssa, Sean, Audrey, Caleb and the rest.From the 7th grade class, shout outs to Ayjah, Kris, Kendall, Demontia, Micah, Sparkal, Leiah, Sabrina, Daniel, Tyree, Darius, Daylon, Devon, Char’Dinea, Zarie, Lanika, toney, Iman, Shawnisha, Kelsiana, Devin, Sherrelle, Parisana, Joseph, Felix and the rest.**Remember, shoot for the stars and become one. **God loves you and so do I.