Christina Benjamin is the “FM98 Strong Inspirations with Deborah Smith Pollard” and

spotlight artist for November 2012.

Title of Album: Pieces of Me
Release date: April 27, 2011

Christina Benjamin (BMI) (Actress/Recording Artist/Songwriter) Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Under the

covering of Dr. Jerry & Sherill Piscopo at Evangel Christian Churches (EACM member). Because of her love

for the arts, she attended Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts.

Listen to Snippets from “Pieces of Me” by Christina Benjamin

We asked Christina Benjamin a few questions about the work that went into creating Pieces of Me

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists about the creative process and/or surmounting any hurdles artists may encounter?

My advice to aspiring artists is be yourself! Be unique, be the individual God created you to be. People will remember what’s different about your sound in comparison to another artist. No one wants to hear a carbon copy of another artist. You wanna be original and authentic. Learn to embrace even the awkward things you think are different about yourself whether it’s your style or your voice. You never know, it may become your signature sound or look. Remember it’s important to present yourself as a package! You are your own best advertisement, you need to not only have a great sound, but also a great sense of style as an artist. You should have a look as an artist. It’s all marketing at the end of the day. Let everything you do have a purpose; learn to position yourself for success. More importantly, learn the Music Business. It’s not just about singing or rapping. You must protect your music and your brand. It is important to also read about the industry for example: copyrights, P.R.O’s, EPK’s etc… Be aware of what’s relevant and what’s going on right now in the world and the music world. Be knowledgeable, be advised and be determined, NOT “desperate,” and above all things, Keep God 1ST!!!

What are some of the innovative ways you’re promoting your project?

Some of the innovative ways I have been promoting my project are; mentoring, constant magazine campaigns, charity work, conferences over seas and good old fashion word of mouth!


Christina is a theatre and film actress; She has performed as lead in such plays as in Vanessa Lynn’s Stageplay

“AFFAIRS one night can change your life…” she played Peaches, “UnEqually Yoked” as Sis.Trinia Mills and

“BossLady ” as Roxanne Graves. Just to name a few more she has also been in other plays such as; TJ Hemphill’s

“Grandma’s Hands”, “The Lust of a Man” and recently toured with stageplay “I Can’t Stop Loving You”. Christina

has been blessed to act and sing along side great talents such as: Clifton Powell, Peggy James, Eric Deon,

Shirley Murdock, Carl Payne, Sisqo, and Christopher Williams just to name a few. She has been very ambitious in

her singing career and released her first single “Breathe ” in July 2010.

In 2010 Christina was granted the opportunity to perform in Memphis, TN at the “Rhythm of Gospel Awards

Showcase”. Christina is honored to be nominated for 4 Rhythm Of Gospel Awards (2012) and recieved 1 award from

the 4 nominations for “Alternative Song of the Year.” Her song “Runnin 2 U” is featured on their Top 20 tunez

for 2012 Album entitled “Stepping out on Faith”.

In addition to all of that she is a proud mother to 3 children and has a wonderful supportive husband. She

credits her talents all to God and is excited where God is taking her. She lives her life according to her

favorite scripture Matthew 19:26 ” with God all things are possible”.

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