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Karen Hunt-Barker: Tell the Gospel Community, ‘Who is Crystal Aikin?’

Crystal Aikin: I am an eclectic of Gospel music and a worshipper. I was born and raised in the church in Tacoma, Washington singing Gospel music in the church, and now since winning BET’s Sunday Best, I am now a Gospel Artist.

KHB: I know that you are still in awe with everything that is happening to you, since winning.

Crystal Aikin: Yes, I am. Everything is so new–from meeting people, and places that I have never tread. Now, I have done other things in the past, with other groups, and out there promoting, but for this to come into fruition, it gives me a larger opportunity.

KHB: As a child, we always dream of doing a certain type of career, such as being a doctor, lawyer, actor or teacher, what was your dream as a kid?

Crystal Aikin: I wanted to be a Doctor, and I can also remember directing kids with my finger, at my house, which dropped me into Directing the youth choir, at my church. You know, I was telling someone earlier, that I sung in the ministries for the Church of God in Christ. And I can remember being in a little choir, and they put a mic in my hand, and honestly when I listen to tapes from then, I did not sound that good. But over time, I have developed. I did not think I was going to be an artist, but God put that gift inside of me.

KHB: How did you feel when you friends went off to college, and you stayed back to direct the choir?

Crystal Aikin: I attended college near my home and my church. My church was very open to me and my verstility. I was able to sing abroad, but church was always number 1. My church never had to worry about me, since church was my home base and number one, and you need that when you go abroad. I was able to sing in St. Lucia’s Jazz Fest and sung for their Gospel night. It was Fantastic!

KHB: How did you get on BET’s Sunday Best?

Crystal Aikin: I received a call from my friend, with a lady on the phone that I did not know. She told me that God put me on her heart, and that I should audition for the show. I had done competitions before, and she had heard me sing about 8 or 9 years ago. This registered in my spirit, and I called my mom, and she got on board with me, and we flew out to Los Angeles.
This was God giving me a second chance, and I just believed, as I tried out with thousands in Los Angeles.

KHB: When can we purchase the CD, and who were the producers & song writers?

Crystal Aikin: The CD dropped on January 13, 2009, and I worked with J Moss & PAJAM, who I have taken on as family; Dre & Vidal (Alicia Keys, Usher); Gerald Haddon (Deitrick Haddon, Damita Haddon); Derek Clark (Z’iel); Lamb & TJ; and Asaph Ward
(Kim Burrell, Maurette Brown Clark). “It’s a potpourri of musical sounds. And we’ve got something on it for everyone.

KHB: What words of encouragement can you give inspiring artists and the family?

Crystal Aikin: Be true to yourself and keep your drive, and do not change to be someone else. Love thyself.