Theme Song
Written and produced by: Brandon Holland of the “Tha Stuntmen”
Performed by: 4Ever Grateful 1 Lead Vocals, background vocals and music 3 Background Vocals and Music 5 Background Vocals only Theme Song by Brandon Holland

Since joining I’ve wanted to create a theme song for the website. So I called a few friends to produce a new theme… I wanted a joint with fresh beats, a fresh sound, and fresh vocals. For the fresh beats I turned to the hot production team, “Tha Stuntmen.” For the fresh sound, the theme was recorded at new studio, “Advance Technology Studios.” For the fresh vocals, I recruited the vocal stylings of “4 Ever Grateful.” The end results were so mind blowing I couldn’t wait to share the music and the talents behind this production with the world.

“Tha Stuntmen”
This blazing Detroit based production duo known as “THA STUNTMEN,” consists of Byron Stanfield and Brandon Holland. “THA STUNTMEN” got their foot in the door in early 2000, with LL Cool J’s Warner Bros. imprint (Rock the Bells), as unofficial in-house producers, which landed them 2 placements on the major motion picture soundtrack for the movie “Deep Blue Sea.” Still on the grind, “THA STUNTMEN” continue to work extensively with local Detroit artists. Most recently co-writing the song “So Long” with fellow Detroit-based production crew, PAJAM, for Kierra Sheard’s debut album…”I Owe You.” In 2006, THA STUNTMEN were offered production deals & staff producer agreements by several well known industry heavyweights. They’re currently in the studio with Mario Winans, & SHARISSA 4 their upcoming projects. Both Byron and Brandon are PKs (preacher’s kids). Growing up they received their musical training in the church. With musical styles ranging from gospel, R&B, and hip hop, to “whatever sounds good.” Both Byron & Brandon are accomplished musicians.

Byron Stanfield, Jr.

Byron, who’s father is world renowned gospel musician, songwriter, and producer, RUDOLPH STANFIELD, Jr., has himself toured, performed, and/or recorded with Donnell Jones, Carl Thomas, The Winans, Donnie McClurkin, BeBe Winans, MARIO, Ke Ke Wyatt, MONICA, Mario Winans, Dorinda Clark-Cole, the late Rev. James Moore, LaShun Pace, Rudolph Stanfield, Jacky Clark-Chisolm, Kierra “Ki Ki” Sheard, J. Moss, Elder Carnell Murrell, Lanar “Kern” Brantley, Ernest Lee & The Spirit of David, Evangelist Beverly Crawford, PAJAM, Chris Jones & Word of Praise, Derrick Milan, and Deitrick Haddon

Brandon Holland

Brandon (the Chief Musician), the youngest son of Bishop Carl E. Holland, the pastor of Greater Christ Temple Church and the presiding prelate of the Pentecostal Assembly of Believers, follows in his fathers footsteps as a musician. He has performed and recorded with Donnie McClurkin, Vanessa Bell-Armstrong, Commissioned, Ernest Lee & The Spirit of David, Kierra “Ki Ki” Sheard, PAJAM, Deitrick Haddon, The Singletons, Antwaun Stanley, and a slew of other local and national gospel recording artists.

Tha Stuntmen are destined to be the next great production team producing hits in the city of Detroit. For more info go to

“Advanced Technology Studio”
Hidden in a discreet location on the west side of Detroit, my first tour of Advance Technology Studios made me wanted to grab a mike and start recording. The studio is blessed with all the latest equipment including ProTools HD System, Pro Control 24 Digital Console, Avalon 737, Motiff/Triton/Roland Fantom, MPC 2000XL. The studio has the best technology available for recording. When using Advanced Technology you can do everything in house from recording, mixing, and mastering, to editing. They are available for vocal arrangements, demos, production, and they have some of the best rates I have ever seen for recording.

LaKeysha Charee

Advance Technology is home to True Life Records, featuring one of the fastest rising vocalists in gospel music, LaKeysha Charee. Her new single is dedicated to the single women “Single and Saved.” Expect her CD to drop in 2007. Label mate, “Another Level,” headed by Alan Johnson is working on their debut release in Advance Studios with a release date in 2007.

The main thing that I like about Advance Technology Studio is the atmosphere. It’s clean, and it’s a great place to record.

For more information call 313-794-9463

“4 Ever Grateful”
I call these guys my nephews. Darron, Steve, John, and Jermaine have some of the tightest harmonies that I’ve heard since Commissioned. I’ve watched these young men grow from one of their 1st engagements when I had them sing at my home church. Now I laugh when I introduce them and their female fans start yelling their names.

“4 Ever Grateful”
Back row: Jermaine, Steve
Front row: Darron, and John

4Ever Grateful, a group comprised of four young men, started out singing in the halls of Mumford High School (the same halls that birthed The Winans, The Clark Sisters, and Commissioned). Soon thereafter, God placed it in each of their hearts to minister in song. 4Ever Grateful became extremely grateful after they were connected with Mitchell Jones of the legendary gospel group Commissioned. Jones is now producing and preparing them for a career in music ministry. God has blessed them all with the gift of writing and producing. These gifts are in preparation for their first album scheduled for a 2007 release. What distinguishes them as a group is their strive to whole-heartedly love on God, and to show that within the brotherhood, they’ve built upon a foundation which can never be broken. 4Ever Grateful has shared the stage already with the likes of Karen Clark-Sheard, Ki Ki Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Darius Twyman, Deitrick Haddon and Rance Allen among others.

The thing that I admire about 4EG, is their humility. They can sing and they don’t know it. For your next event you need to book my nephews, 4 Ever Grateful.

For more information visit: