The gospel entertainment industry is alive and flourishing in the Detroit metro area.

Photo: Karen Hunt Barker, Detroit Chapter representative for the Urban Gospel Alliance and J. Moss, the J.A.M. in P.A.J.A.M., one of gospel’s hottest production teams (credits include Ramiyah, Virtue, and Karen Clark Sheard)

Detroit’s Gospel Music Industry Key Players

It seems like just about everyone in Detroit is involved with the gospel music industry. Here is a list of some of Detroit’s top mover and shakers (other than artists and pastors):
  • Larry Robinson, owner of God’s World record store
  • Deborah Smith Pollard, host of WJLB’s Sunday Morning radio show, “Strong Inspirations”
  • Norma J. Pender “Reverend Mother”, WEXL radio personality
  • Sister Celeste (Harris), WCHB radio personality
  • Dora Scott “The Church Lady,” WCHB radio personality
  • Brian Spears, Crystal Rose Records
  • David Gough, DoRohn Records and International Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum