A gospel artist’s Media Kit can be another valuable tool in an overall marketing strategy. A media kit is a collection of marketing materials that provide representatives of the media with information about yourself or your group. The idea is to generate interest in yourself and hopefully get some free publicity via a feature article, story, or news report. It can also be useful to fans who are interested in every aspect of their favorite gospel artist.

A digital media kit is a kit that can be accessed via a computer or other piece of hardware such as a DVD player. It can also be sent electronically be e-mail or delivered on a CD-Rom or DVD disk. If you’ve got a website, you can devote a page to your digital media kit, making it easily accessible to fans, reporters and writers from all over the world.

Your digital media kit can include the following items:

  • Bio and Fact Sheet
  • Contact Sheet
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Any Press Releases
  • Song Samples (10 seconds of four to five of your best songs should be sufficient)
  • Story Ideas
  • Favorable Reviews
  • Any Articles Written About You

If you’ve got the finances and the bandwidth, other material such as Videos and sound bytes or clips from interviews can be included.

When sending a digital media kit on a CD or DVD to a reporter or news agency, be creative. Don’t just send it in a plain brown wrapper, but generate some excitement by packaging it in-line with the theme of your CD. For example, if your CD is entitled “Calling On The Lord,” you might try decorating the mailing package with phone or calling card stickers. Don’t overdo it, but you want your package to get noticed. You may also want to include some free perks with your kit such as t-shirts, caps, or mugs. Everybody loves to open a package with gifts inside.