The Carr Center is proud to announce our first Arts Competition which is open to students of the Detroit Metropolitan area, grades 6-12.
During these challenging times of Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, Social Injustice and Political Unrest, artists are often compelled to express their ideas and perspectives to help drive and initiate social, political and environmental change. It is during these difficult times, past and present, that some of our greatest and most prolific artists, from various artistic disciplines, have emerged.

The theme of this new Carr Center arts competition is “A New Awakening” and it is designed to inspire students to think and express their feelings about “the now” while motivating and providing a vehicle for young people to articulate ways in which they can contribute to shaping, changing and reimagining the future.

There are cash awards in each category and division. In addition, outstanding works from each category will be featured in a future exhibit in one of the Carr Virtual Center galleries.

Details pertaining to The New Awakening Competition
are as follows:

Visual Arts-Drawing in oil, pencil or watercolors. Works using textiles, sculpture or metals.
Literary Arts-Poem, Haiku, short story
Dance-Original choreography, solo or group
Music-Original vocal or instrumental music, original composition

Junior Division: Middle School / 6th to 8th grades
Senior Division: High School / 9 to 12th grades

$500.00 – 1st place winner per division
$200.00 – 2nd place winner per division
$100.00 – 3rd place winner per division

All works should be entered via submittables,
which can be accessed on our website
All submissions are due by Monday, April 5, 2021
Winner’s announced: Monday, April 19, 2021

If you have any questions please contact our Arts Academy Coordinator, Gina Ellis

or the Social Media Links below for more information