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Dear Pastor Eric,

GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. My name is Sharon. I am a Christian, but everyday I am drifting from the Lord. Sometimes I try reaching to the place where I was with God, but every time I try, I fail. I don’t know what to do. I would like to know what to do.


Dear Sharon,

What you are experiencing is what many sincere Christians feel at different times in their life. As Christians we are in a constant struggle against the world, the flesh and Satan. Paul talks about the struggle that we have in Romans 7:14-23.

In this passage, he talks about his desire to do what he knows is right, yet he continually finds himself doing things that he actually hates. He realizes that there is a law inside of him that fights against the good that he wants to do. We call this our flesh or old nature.

When you became a Christian, God made you a new creation. However, your old self still exists and resists the new you. This is the on-going struggle that rages within a Christian. During certain times in our life we seem victorious. Other times we feel defeated.

The truth is that we are victorious because Jesus Christ has won the victory over the power and dominion of sin in our life (Romans 7:24-8:4.) God sees us as victors because of Jesus Christ. Embrace this truth.

However, we need to submit to the power of the Holy Spirit in our day to day life. Jesus has won the war, but we need His power to win the daily battles. To do this we must keep our minds on the things of the Spirit (Romans 8:5-9). We need to cry out to God for deliverance when we find ourselves in situations that we are not strong enough to handle.

Here are some simple steps to help you.

1. Find a good church and attend regularly.
2. Find a good Christian friend to talk and pray with regarding your struggles.
3. Continue to read God’s Word daily.
4. Know that Jesus Christ has won the victory
5. Rest in the fact that Jesus will see you through this period of your life.

Pastor Eric

Pastor Eric is pastor of Tree of Life Bible Fellowship Church in Southfield, Michigan, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Professor/Registrar at Moody Theological Seminary.