The Historic First
Jurisdiction of Michigan (Established 1914) Eighty-Eighth Annual Ministers &
Workers Conference, March 4, 6-12, 2017. Guests include:

Dr. J. Louis Felton (Service Leader – Mt. Airy COGIC of Philadelphia, PA) and
Dr. William James, Jr. (Pastor – St. James COGIC “The Armory” of
Toledo, OH). PRE-MUSICAL: Saturday, March 4th @ 7pm at New St. Paul Tabernacle

15340 Southfield Dr., Detroit, MI 48223. WOMEN’S DAY: Thursday, March 9th
(Workshops – 9 a.m. / Service – 11:30 a.m.); Supervisor Norma
Burrell, In Charge. OFFICIAL DAY: Sunday, March 12th @ 3 p.m. with Bishop P.A.

Jurisdictional Prelate First Assistant Presiding Bishop Church of God in Christ,
Inc. At Cathedral Conference Center, 10325 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Michigan