From Hollywood to ‘Holy’wood What made you decide that you wanted to work with young ladies?

CeeCee: I think that God just placed that burden and passion in my heart for young ladies because I grew up as one. I also grew up without a father and that’s a testimony in several areas, concerning just the hardships of being a girl and the things that girls go through, and I just wanted to give back in that area and hopefully extend some education, some inspiration, some motivation, and of course always spreading good news and the gospel. So, that’s what the Godzgirl Network is all about. With Godzgirl do you think that a lot of young women will change their lifestyles?

CeeCee: Yes, especially when they come to the retreat. It’s not your normal retreat. I think that when they hear it they think, “oh, a little getaway.” It is very serious. We really go deep. We don’t sugarcoat anything, and we keep it real. I think that’s what girls need. A lot of them are growing up fast, and are very mature. Girls come naturally mature anyways, more so than boys. They also are developing faster because of the hormones in the food and the evolution of time. So, it’s very important to get the tools of God’s word in these young ladies at an early age and let them know the importance of how precious their bodies are. We go deep into deliverance and healing, and restoration, which the average teen may not really go into. We go deep because Satan has truly got his hands on a lot of youth through the media, the music, the fashion, video games, and the Internet, I mean everything. What kind of issues do you talk about during Godzgirl?

CeeCee: We talk about everything about being a girl. Growing up, keeping God first, and enjoying being a girl. So everything from beauty to self-image, self-respect, self-love, and of course we talk about keeping God first. How to develop and maintain a positive relationship with God. God gives you free will so you have to reap what you sow and you make your own choices. You can either chose death or life, and God equals life. We also teach finance, nutrition, fitness, and how to maintain relationships (dating). We talk about pre-marital sex, alcohol, and drugs, and of course we do STD’s, AIDS and even profanity prevention. Is Godzgirl primarily about sex?

CeeCee: Well, I think that is the number one thing on teens’ minds. If you watch the videos you don’t see a lot of people with a crack pot, you see them rubbing up and down on each other. They are going up and down the pole, taking off their clothes. They’re dropping it like it’s hot.

I know you know what I’m talking about, so don’t try to fake me in this interview [laughing].

You don’t see a whole lot of girls smoking weed and you don’t see them with a lot of alcohol. The bottom line is sex sells. I get hundreds of letters a day and nobody is saying ‘‘Help me, I’m strung out.’’ It’s, “I got a boyfriend. What can I do and what can I not do?” It is definitely a hot topic and it’s a major concern of mine, because STD’s and AIDS are at an all time high. So, yes my web site is going to have a lot about sex, because guess what; everybody’s talking about it and that’s what everybody wants to talk about. What is going to be the focus of the Holy-Wood retreat in Atlanta?

CeeCee: It’s the word “Holy.” Keeping an eye on holiness, what it is, and what does it mean. God is calling us to be holy. He’s calling us to be righteous. He is tired of the one-foot in the world and the one-foot out; serving two masters “money and God.” I love God. He’s like, ‘you can’t have it both ways.’ He’s like, ‘love me first, keep me first.’ So yeah, we keep it real at Godzgirl. The focus is the holiness, and a style of purity. You don’t have to carry the condoms in your purse or be a slave to the pill. We are a “piece of work.” Girls are a piece of work. Men don’t have to go through any of this. So, that’s what we are really concerned about. Do you plan to come to Detroit for a retreat or something of that nature?

CeeCee: I travel all over the United States. It’s just a matter of each sate recognizing and even hearing about the new ministry Godzgirl Network. Just simply giving us a call or shooting us an email. I’m more than happy to serve the community of Detroit and any other community that just feels the need to reach out to their youth, and do something special and a little something different. Bringing the church out of the four walls. So if anybody calls on me I definitely would come running. If you could sum up Godzgirl in one sentence, what would it be?

CeeCee: It would be, “Be wise, be strong, be you, and most importantly be pure.”

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