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Spotlight Group is The Ginyards.

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Group Name:
The Ginyards

Single Title:

Single Release

Record Label:
Diamond Records

the Project Was Recorded:

Artist’s Home Church and Pastor:
Temple of Deliverance COGIC – Pontiac,

Anything you’d like to share about the project or the

This is a project long in the
making. The Ginyards want to keep it gospel; keeping it 100;
encouraging and soul stirring. Our music ministry was inspired by God
first and foremost and then our father (who was our #1 fan.) Our music
is not about entertainment, but about the word of God and what He says in His word is true. We are trying to reach the rich, poor, middle-class,
underprivileged, down-trodden and those who will listen with an open
heart and open ear. We are not just for a specific age demo, gender,
race, creed; we just want people to know that God’s word is true and
when all else fails, His word stands!

Challenges (to completing or
releasing the project) that had to be overcome:
After loosing our father (Supt. W.R. Ginyard, Sr.)
our brother, Willie R. Ginyard, Jr. (whom is now Pastor) was appointed
to continue the lead and legacy of the founding father’s church. Our
church suffered a fire in which God has blessed us to overcome and move
forward. Our church was renamed Temple of Deliverance COGIC (formally
Deliverance COGIC.) So many adversaries came at us, the devil tried, but
we succeeded and will continue to do so. Our music ministry goes
beyond just our recording group. We have a wonderful praise and worship
ministry and a music production ministry as

Advice for Aspiring
Continue to keep God first and not just in one aspect
of your life but in ALL aspects of your life. Don’t bend, bow,
sell-out or waver to what the devil and his army has to offer. You
must ask God to let His will be done in your life and ask Him to direct
and keep you. Keep your mind, body and soul in the way you would have
Christ to do so. Do not lose focus of why you sing….if it’s not
glorifying Christ and to the edification of Him, then you’ve lost your

Any fun facts or trivia related to the project: 
Sean did a wonderful promo video regarding
“Anybody,” …we have some “oops” moments…lol…lol…

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P R E S S    R E L E A S E

They’re back!  Three siblings have re-appeared on the Gospel music horizon. Who are they?  THE GINYARDS – and they have been referred to as Detroit’s best kept secret. 

They began singing at their father’s
church in Detroit, Michigan when they were very young. It wasn’t long
before it became clear that this was their calling. What began years ago
has blossomed into a God ordained ministry.  

have had many memorable engagements to their credit. They have shared
the stage with such notable persons as the late Ron Winans, the late
Bishop Walter Hawkins, Tramaine Hawkins, Rev. John P. Kee, Vickie
the late Min. Thomas Whitfield and Commissioned. They have also
performed on the Bobby Jones show. THE GINYARDS
have done two radio and TV commercials. The first was an anti-drug,
alcohol and violence spot recorded during the term of then Mayor Coleman
Young, entitled “Let’s Not Take it Anymore!” The second spot was a
McDonald’s commercial, entitled “Four After Four.” 
In March, 1993, THE GINYARDS
entered and won the “Sing His Praises” competition in Nashville,
Tennessee. This contest was sponsored by Warner-Alliance and Tri-Unity,
Inc. THE GINYARDS won first place and were
awarded a prize
of $21,000; giving $10,000 of the prize money to their church. The
first place prize also included a recording contract with
Warner-Alliance. However, due to the sudden death of one of the
company’s officials, THE GINYARDS‘ record deal fell through. 
On June 1, 1998, God in His infinite
wisdom saw fit to call their beloved father from labor to reward after
over 40 years in ministry. Two days later, Willie, who had been
preaching for two years, was immediately given the position
his father held for so many years before him. It was very difficult for
the group to adjust, and as a result, the “Yes, Lord” that was once a
continual utterance had become a distant memory; no longer in the
forefront of their minds; no longer in their hearts
and no longer on their lips. Still reeling from the emotional blow of
their father’s transition, THE GINYARDS
experienced more setbacks and attacks. As a result, they sat silent for
many years; not a song, not even a melody was birthed. The desire to
was, in a simple word, gone. However, after several years of abandoning
the call, God reminded them that no matter what, His will had to be
Today, even with a plethora of added responsibilities, THE GINYARDS
are more determined than ever to do what God has called them to do.
After years of hard work and struggling to learn life lessons, and amid
laughter and tears,
God’s guiding hand is directing them to the place He wants them to be.
Armed with the experience needed to effectively minister, as well as to
endure what may lie ahead, they realize why God subjected them to so
much suffering. And on this long journey, He
has established within each of them a testimony to be shared with
people all over the world. THE GINYARDS credit their father, the late Pastor W. R. Ginyard, Sr., for being their inspiration and spiritual leader. They also credit their mother, Mrs. June Ginyard,
for their musical training and for providing the firm discipline,
undying love and good family values instilled in them at an early age. 
An effective witness must have a story to tell…well, this is part of their story – there is more to come.