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Spotlight Artist is Al Bettis.

Al Bettis’s performance LIVE at Expression Ohio (Columbus, OH)


Name: Al Bettis

Single Title: So Good

Single Release

Date: Oct. 27, 2015


Title: Everywhere and Nowhere


Release Date: 2016

Record Label: (Independent Artist)

Where the Project Was Recorded:  Nashville/Detroit

Artist’s Home Church / Pastor: City On A Hill in Warren, MI / Pastor Toua Thoa  


guest artists, musicians and/or producers: Jorell McNair percussion (Detroit) / Blake Easter and Curt Gibbs producers (Nashville)

Anything you’d like to share about the project or the

“So Good” was written after I looked back over the situations of life
and I realized that God was in control the whole time…He never left
me! He brought me through and “So Good” was the best way I could express
the feeling of gratitude I was experiencing!

Challenges (to completing or releasing the project) that had to be overcome: I had to overcome me and trust God for the next level for my music. I’m
not used to hearing my voice produced and with effects added, so hearing
it was a little weird at first and I started to go another direction.
I’m now glad I didn’t!

Advice for Aspiring Artists: 
Definitely trust God’s direction for your sound…don’t try and sound like someone else.

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 Facebook: /AlBettis

 Twitter: @albettismusic

 Instagram: albettismusic

Al Bettis’ Management & Booking company is Initiative Independent Group (IIG).
IIG is an Artist Management company,
focused on the needs of independent artists.
IIG also offers additional
services such as production, photography, booking and radio promotions.

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Visit if you are interested in IIG’s family of artists or services!

More information on IIG owner and artist, Kim Pratt (fka Kiwi), can be found at

Kim Pratt shared her own advice for aspiring artists: 
Make sure you are called to do this. Many have the talent, but just
because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Also make sure you have a
strong team around you naturally and spiritually. It may get hard
sometimes, but don’t give up! God rewards the diligent… ~ KimPratt

Contact Information

Initiative Independent Group

Phone: 313.583.9755