Personal Note from Vickie

Good morning to my
favorite people!

The Lord has tremendously
blessed me & after 21 years living in my home in Bloomfield Hills,
MI, I’m moving to Hollywood! I cannot move all this stuff with me so
everything must go! I’ll restock when I get there!


will be at my actual home
and will be hosted by Simply
Amazing Estate Sales, Inc. There is nearly 10,000 square feet of “you
name it” up in here! From a full Recording Studio, 19 rooms of
furniture, designer clothes, gowns, shoes, large video games, Versace
vintage items…oh my goodness, it’s too much to type!


I’ve truly been blessed, and I cannot
believe all my beloved pieces are about to be left and sold at unreal
prices! But, “California, here I

The over 1,000-item sale begins on
Friday, January 27th at 9:45 am and ends on January 29th until everything
is gone!

For more information call
248-289-0016 (ask for Jake or Zach) or visit
to send an

Oh, I forgot, I
might serve y’all some government cheese and sardines on saltine
crackers! LOL

I hope to see you
at my home on this Friday! You are ALL invited!

I am outta here
to bigger, better, and more God-blessed ventures! I wished I could tell
you, but I just can’t at this time! Whew I’m so
Lord, I know beyond a shadow of
a doubt that You love me, and I only want to please You in all I do and
say! I thank You for EVERYTHING you’ve overwhelmed me with! You are a
great God!

You can also
email me at for whatever you need from bookings to estate sale