Provided By: Bill Carpenter

First Project Will Be Solo CD “Image of a Man”

One of the founding members of ’90s gospel super group Winans Phase 2, Marvin Winans Jr. has officially launched his own recording label, M2 Entertainment with an exclusive agreement with Central South Distribution. “I believe Central South Distribution is the company I have been looking for,” says Winans. “They have been patient answering all of my questions and addressing my concerns. They have a very simple business model that allows my label to project what type of returns we can actually expect.”

Marvin Winans Jr. has a fresh relevant message that appeals to today’s Generation,” says Terry Woods, Director of Distribution at Central South. “Continuing the legacy set before him, Marvin can unquestionably carry the torch.”

The son of gospel legends, Vickie Winans and Marvin Winans Sr. of the Grammy winning Winans quartet, Winans has been recording music since he was a kid. Although, he once aspired to be a pro-baller in the NBA, he moved into the family business and has been writing songs since the age of ten. He and his cousins formed Winans Phase 2 in 1999 and saw their “We Got Next” CD top the Billboard gospel sales chart, sell nearly a half million copies and produce radio smashes with “Send Me” and “Who Do You Love?”

Since the group disbanded, Winans has concentrated on writing and producing others. He co-produced his mom’s Grammy-nominated CD “Bringing it All Together” which featured him singing and writing the second single, “Shook.” He is currently working with a number of up and coming artists on their own projects.

“I love being in charge of my own label,” he says. “I had a vision for my company, M2 Entertainment, 7 years ago and began making strides towards making it happen. Now that I actually have a vehicle/ partner to distribute my ideas and product to the public, I feel like I am sitting on top of the world! I plan on owning the most successful media/entertainment company ever!! I only dream big…that’s just the way God built me!!!”