Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook
Live Like You’re Blessed

Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook What does it mean to have a blessed life? Are blessings reserved only for the lucky, the wealthy, or the pious? No, blessings are for everyone, writes Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook. They are waiting just outside, knocking on the door of life, just waiting for us to allow them in. And in her new book, LIVE LIKE YOU’RE BLESSED: Simple Steps for Making Balance, Love, Energy, Spirit, Success, Encouragement, and Devotion Part of Your Life, she describes a winning formula for how all people can, with God’s help, make a profound change in the way they live.

Described by the New York Times as “Billy Graham and Oprah rolled into one,” Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook is an inspiring pastor and a dynamic woman. Her personal journey is one of fateful twists and turns, all of which have led her closer to God, introduced her to the power of serving others, and taught her to appreciate the blessings of family and community. She draws from her lifetime of experience in creating this practical and realistic plan for living life to the fullest.

LIVE LIKE YOU’RE BLESSED is a unique combination of engaging anecdotes and simple exercises. The reader can use this book in one of many ways – as a source to be read cover-to-cover during times of crisis, as a daily devotional with prayers concluding each section, or as a guide full of helpful suggestions when life is at a crossroads.

Price: $17.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-385-51719-X

Stacy Hawkins Adams
Nothing But the Right Thing

Stacy Hawkins Adams When Serena’s dreams of becoming a mother delayed yet again, she realizes God’s immediate plan for her is help a dear friend trying to start over. But will she have postpone her dreams forever?

Nothing But the Right Thing is heartwarming novel that explores the journey of faith, friendship, and the power of prayer. Stacy Hawkins Adams is an award-winning journalist and former inspirational columnist for the Richmond Time-Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia. She also operates Claywork Enterprises, a motivational speaking business. Download a free excerpt from her website.

Price: $12.99
ISBN: 08000 730976

Terrence Wilson
In Search Of A Father

Terrence Wilson Endorsed by Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Ty Adams and Pastor Monique Robinson.

Statistics show that boys lacking a father as a role model and a successful, two-parent relationship upon which to model are more likely to fail at school, on the job, and in their relationships.

And when it comes time for these boys to grow up and take on a man’s role in the community, on the job, with family, they flee—and those they abandon are doomed to continue the cycle.

Terrence Wilson grew up without his father, missing the instructions many others had been given on living life as a man. Though paralyzed and longing to flee, he found the strength to become exactly what he had always hoped to be: the kind of man who would one day make a great father.

Now, Wilson is ready to share his hope and the source of his strength. He is proof that the cycle can be broken, that even fatherless boys can make themselves a great future, despite the past.

Price: $12.95

ISBN: 0-9772122-1-1

Bishop Thomas Weeks, III
What’s On Your Mind?

Bishop Thomas Weeks, III What’s On Your Mind? By Bishop Thomas Weeks, III

Bishop Thomas Weeks, III shows how your thinking orchestrates your destiny in his newest book, What’s On Your Mind? (Harrison House, May 2006).
Bishop Thomas Weeks, III is the co-founder of the Global Destiny Christian Community along with his wife, Dr. Juanita Bynum Weeks and author of the bestsellers, Even As Your Soul Prospers and Teach Me How to Love You.
From the Book: “What you allow to exist in your thoughts will determine whether you are going to progress to something greater in God, or if you are going to stagnate spiritually and head down the path to destruction. If your thoughts tell you there is nothing greater for you, then you are already hindering everything that God wants to do in your life. God always wants to take you to your next dimension of relationship.”

Success or defeat in life happens first in our thinking not in our doing. Weeks explains the necessary three-step principle of, How to get rid of anxiety, the need to focus on the good things of God, and the need to act. Unique elements of the book include: Twenty-one Power Principles to become a unique thinker, the advantage or danger of projected habits and how to Model—your way of living God’s word.

Price: $17.99 Includes scripture CD
ISBN: 1-57794-748-7

Dr. Larry C. Harris
It All Starts at Home: 15 Ways to Put Family First

Dr. Larry C. Harris It All Starts at Home: 15 Ways to Put Family First, a parenting book by Larry C. Harris, M.D. written with best-selling author Cecil Murphey.

A tribute to Harris’ parents, with help from his siblings, It All Starts at Home tells the inspirational story of Fred and Ruth Harris, uneducated African-American’s who had ten children born in the south before the Civil Rights movement took hold. Remarkably, instead of the children becoming a product of their society, school dropouts to become lifelong welfare recipients, they all became well-educated and successful citizens with values and life principles that shaped their lives and made them productive members of society.

Resting on the simple concept the family comes first, It All Starts at Home incorporates 15 lessons the Harris’ taught their children. These lessons were common sense child-rearing attributes empowered with great wisdom, much love and strong discipline influenced their children for a lifetime.

The testimonies the family endured of prejudices and racism through the Civil Rights movement, the endless sacrifices Fred and Ruth Harris made for their children, the life lessons forever learned is forthcoming in “It All Starts at Home.” It impacted this family and is sure to impact others for years to come.

Price: $12.99
ISBN: 0-8007-5908-7

Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr.
Church Growth From An African American Perspective

Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. CHURCH GROWTH FROM AN AFRICAN AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr.

Renowned for preaching, and the growth of his church, Cathedral International, from 125 members to over 7,000 today, Bishop Donald Hilliard shows church leaders how to grow spiritually healthy congregations. He begins by offering an understanding of healthy church growth, defines the mega-church phenomenon, and alerts leaders to the need to be aware of healthy vs. unhealthy church growth. In his section on having the right foundation, issues such as vision, the centrality of Christ, biblical preaching, the priority of holy living, sound doctrine, being people-oriented rather than program-oriented, the importance of tithing, and good Christian education are lifted up and discussed as tools. Hilliard even pinpoints the signs leaders should look for in knowing their churches are growing in a healthy manner, and includes a discussion of satellite, extension churches and new church plants as signs of healthy growth.

Completing the resource is a list of ideas for programs and activities that, based on his experience, will enable churches to become all that God wants them to be. For more information on Bishop Hilliard and see excerpts from the Safe Harbor Leadership Conference go to: www.donaldhilliard.com

Price: $12.00
ISBN: 0-8170-1495-0

Tongela Clark
Dropped Out But Not Knocked Out

Tongela Clark Clark “When life throw you blows remember, it’s a fixed fight,” that is the mantra of Tongela Clark, author, motivator and entrepreneur. She is a positive, magnetic force on earth to be reckoned with. Her life’s journey from “ghetto girl” to champion is a story of inspiration and healing for all as told in her debut book, “Dropped Out but not Knocked Out.” A born fighter, Tongela entered life’s ring as a winner, leader and champion and has maintained those titles despite the corners of the ring she has been in. She has a never-ending faith to the things she is called to do against all odds and past pain. Tongela’s famous words are, “My mess is my message and I believe it will touch the world.” Foreword by Lisa Osteen of Lakewood Church and endorsed by Les Brown and Kirbyjon H. Caldwell. For more info go to www.nomoredropouts.com

Bishop Donald Hilliard
Handling Life’s Pressure Situations

Bishop Donald Hilliard Stress is one of the most disabling factors of 21st century life. High blood pressure, heart attacks, and ulcers are just a few of the diseases we may bring upon others, or ourselves. In this booklet, best-selling author Bishop Donald Hilliard shows you how to deal with even the most intense pressures you might face. Whether financial, physical, or relational, you can come through the pressure victorious if you encourage yourself in the Lord, as King David did when his men turned against him. Visit www.DonaldHilliard.com for this and other books by this dynamic, prolific author and preacher. He has authored books on a variety of relevant topics: Faith in the Face of Fear, Safe Harbor Begins @ Home, Somebody Say Yes, Stop the Funeral and In the Grip of His Mercy.

Robert D. Williams and Dr. Atty. Paris Finner-Williams
Single Wisdom: Empowering Singles, Divorcees, Widows & Widowers for Living…

Single WisdomEndorsed by: Bebe Moore Campbell, author of Essence Best-seller “72 Hour Hold.” Single Wisdom: Empowering Singles, Divorcees, Widows & Widowers for Living…teaches singles the art of establishing healthy romantic and marital relationships. It reminds readers that married life is not the only life and allows singles to embrace their singleness. But it also helps guide readers down a path toward healthier, long-term, and more meaningful relationships that are God-driven.

Readers will be confronted with tough issues such as past abuses and abandonment that dictate the success of their future relationships. The authors give readers advice on how to heal and move forward in order to live a purposeful life of integrity.

Single Wisdom: Empowering Singles, Divorcees,Widows & Widowers for Living……A Purposeful Life of Integrity and Learning the Art of Establishing Healthy Romantic and Marital Relationships by Robert D. Williams and Dr. Atty. Paris Finner-Williams. Visit their website: www.finner-williams.com.

Dr. Larry Harris
It All Starts at Home

Dr. Larry Harris If you read the classic “Gifted Hands” about African American neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, then you know the quality of this book. Written by Carson’s college roommate, Dr. Larry Harris, and veteran co-author Cecil Murphey, this book is a real story about a real family. The best team is the home team and that’s where it all starts.

A “must read” for every student, but it’s not just for youth or African Americans. With so many families labeled as dysfunctional, everyone needs to see how a healthy family functions. Harris’ family was not like the Cosby family on television. His parents didn’t even graduate from high school yet raised nine children who all graduated from college and are “still holding on to the Lord, working actively in the church and…helping those in need.”

It All Starts at Home is a collection of life lessons that many adults have forgotten and children don’t know. Harris gives 15 reasons why family should be first – not cash, careers or cars. In the era plagued with family therapists and high divorce rates, this book will reawaken the “mother wit” that keeps families flourishing.

Harris says, “I developed my life philosophy through my strong family ties and friendship with my siblings: Nothing comes easy. Life is about ups and downs, successes and failures. How well we survive depends on how well we can get up when we fall down. The love of God and the love of family are the hydraulic jacks that we need to lift us up.” Visit www.itallstartsathome.com.

Ty Adams
Single, Saved, and Having Sex: Revised and Updated

Ty Adams oreword by Dr. Myles Monroe

Are you single and think there’s nothing wrong with certain sex acts because you’re not “having sex”? Are you afraid that if you say no to your boyfriend’s sexual advances you’ll end up alone? Are you able to fill your bed virtually every night with a different woman, yet feel your soul is empty?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, nobody knows your uncertainty and pain better than the author of this book, Ty Adams. In her words: “I know what it’s like to love God but find it hard to please Him because of wild, rampant sexual desires that need to be fulfilled. I know what it’s like to want to live right but at the same time want to be held.” Ty herself was a tither, attended Bible study, and prayed in tongues; yet, like too many saved and single Christians, she stayed bound to sexual sins before she truly surrendered them to Jesus and was delivered. In this newly revised and expanded edition of her widely popular book, she will teach you, whether you’re a woman or a man, how to avoid succumbing to temptation and regain your most precious closeness to God.

The author knows-and wants you to know-that having sexual urges is perfectly normal. You’ll certainly need them once you get married! However, what you do with those urges-which include lust addiction, masturbation, pornography, and homosexuality-will impact the blessings or the judgments that will touch your life. www.tyadamsonline.com

Kimberley Brooks
He’s Fine…But is He Saved?

He's Fine But Is He SavedIf you haven’t read it yet, you must pick it up! Hear what people are saying about “He’s Fine…But is He Saved?”

“Kimberley Brooks debuts on the inspirational scene with a well developed plot and believable characters in her heartwarming and engrossing novel. He’s Fine . . . But is He Saved? engages you from the first page to the last.” Jacquelin Thomas, best-selling Christian fiction author of The Prodigal Husband, Saved in the City and Soul Journey

“He’s Fine . . . But is He Saved? is a powerfully honest depiction of what women go through while waiting to be found by love.” Stephanie Perry Moore, best-selling author of Flame, Payton Skky series and A Lova’ Like No Otha’

“We’ve all been there. Praying, hoping and wishing Mr. Right Now could somehow become ‘Mr. Right.’ He’s Fine . . . But Is He Saved? captivated me from the very first page. I couldn’t wait until the end! This is the book that every young and adult woman must buy for herself and a friend or two. Read it together. You’ll loooove it!” Marina Woods -Founder, The GOOD GIRL Book Club TM and Editor In Chief www.goodgirlbookclubonline.com

“Looks don’t mean a thang, he’s only a fine devil if he ain’t got Jesus! Fiction comes to life in this book as it becomes a voice of single women and their challenges with finding true love and happiness.” Ty Adams -author of bestselling Single, Saved, and Having Sex

“This is a book that will grab your attention, challenge your motives, and move you to reach for the expectations of God in finding the right relationship.” Dr. Louis Smith -author of bestseller Sexual Sins of the Bible

“Fun, refreshing, and exciting! He’s Fine . . . But is He Saved? is a realistic, contemporary novel that proves how, in the midst of all the drama, God truly holds the outcome.” Ed Gray – Motivational speaker and author of 40 Days to a Life of G.O.L.D. (God-Ordained Life Development)

“I’ve watched Kim over the time she has been working on this novel. I have seen very few people as dedicated to her dream as she has been. Kim is a gifted writer. Her style of writing draws you in and keeps you engaged. She has worked hard to bring this novel into being. I congratulate her on a job well done.” Rebecca Osaigbovo -author of Chosen Vessels and It’s Not About You – It’s About God (IVP)

For free excerpt, visit www.kimontheweb.com. Available nationwide at Waldenbooks, Borders and other fine book stores.

Max Siegel and Pastor John Ramsey
About My Father’s Business: Merging Ministry & Industry

About My Father's BusinessThis is a must-read for anyone feeling even the slightest tug toward music ministry. It puts into perspective the many components of the music business while impressing upon its readers the industry’s congruent connection with ministry. On the whole, authors Max Siegel and Pastor John Ramsey render an honest treatment of each component of the “gospel music industry.” This book represents a complete entity that requires a dedication to the Gospel, mastery of the music, and an understanding and appreciation of the industry or business of it all. This book introduces a world of possibilities for further discussion and we can only pray it will serve as the steppingstone for future works that educate and motivate the Body of Christ to take seriously the call of God on our lives. For more information visit: www.newlifeindy.org.

Dr. Yvonne Capehart
Drawn to Destiny: How to Discover and Bring to Fruition Your True Purpose in Life

Yvonne Capeheart Dr. Yvonne Capehart, pastor of Believer’s Life Center in Pensacola, Florida. She is also gospel recording artist and publisher of Sister Keeper magazine. Drawn to Destiny: How to Discover and Bring to Fruition Your True Purpose in Life – This book is for women who are a committed to pursuing purpose for their lives. Written in a style that will demystifies the process of seeking God’s will. Capehart draws from the lives of Bible characters to demonstrate how each person is drawn to their destinies.

Alvin Fruga
When They Began to Sing: Understanding God’s Purpose for the Music Ministry

Alvin Fruga Alvin Fruga, National music minister and recording artist. When They Began to Sing: Understanding God’s Purpose for the Music Ministry – Written to an overview of music and its role in worship. This book provides much practical information concerning most every major task from reading music to organizing a schedule. Praises from Pastor and gospel legend, Andrae Crouch, Bishop Brian Keith Williams and the late Dr. Mack Timberlake.

Mark Leonard
Empty Well Thirsty Heart: Finding Wholeness in a Barren Land

Mark Leonard Mark Leonard, youth pastor in Denver, conference speaker and Christian television producer. Empty Well Thirsty Heart: Finding Wholeness in a Barren Land. This book helps readers to recognize and address the empty areas of their life and how to find fulfillment. Based in part on Leonard’s own life experience into the emotional desert of empty wells, through a season of self-discovery and into the fertile, well-water valley of wholeness and freedom.

Bishop Paul Morton
The Enemy Inside Your Mind

Bishop Paul Morton Paul Morton, founder of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and pastor and Presiding Bishop of Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also a multiple Stellar Award winning gospel singer and columnist with Gospel Today magazine. The Enemy Inside Your Mind is a book that gives practical steps to arresting negative thought patterns and replacing them with God principles. Learn to cast down stereotypes and social constraints of society and become all that God intended you to be.