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Chris Jones

“KAM: An Artist On The Rise”

By: Felicia Lewis-Williams

February 7 , 2006After listening to KAM’s (born Kamela Adams) CD I Am That I Am, we were excited about conducting an interview with this up-and-coming artist. The CD starts out with “I Just Want to be Close to You,” a very funky, soulful remake of an R&B song whose script is flipped in praise to God. The CD’s second song, “Count It All Joy,” has a funky bass percussionist chiming out a hypnotic note. Needless to say I was hooked. This CD definitely was worth listening to. To see KAM’s upcoming engagements or to enquire about purchasing her CD, check out her website at: Please share who KAM is and how you decided to pursue a musical career?

KAM: KAM is Kamela Adams out of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a member of Berea Christian church out of Stone Mountain, Georgia; Kerwin Lee is my pastor. My career in gospel started with my mother. My mother used to sing gospel music with an ensemble called the Foster Gospel Singers. My sisters and my brothers started the group KAM Adams Ministries & Company several years ago. Mom stopped singing and pushed us to start singing. As everybody got a little older, they ventured off to do their own music, their own ventures I’d say. I decided to stay in the gospel arena; that’s what I felt so close to. That’s what I felt in my heart. When I got older I started to realize that when God has a call upon your life, you have to adhere to the voice of God and not your peers. So I decided that I would stay in the gospel arena and try to network with some people to get things started on a more professional level. Do you have any formalized musical training?

KAM: No, everything I have is given by God.

DG. Com: Wow, beautiful. So how long have you worked in the industry?

KAM: I’d say about the last six years, professionally. So, who are some of the recording artists that have inspired your musical career?

KAM: I’d say Kim Burrell, the Clark Sisters, and Patti LaBelle from the R&B genre. I have to include Shirley Caesar, because she’s a veteran, definitely. Do you have a specific targeted audience that you’d like to listen to your music—or is it all around?

KAM: It’s all around. I try to sing traditional to the oldest, like Grandmamma and Granddad. I try to keep it in the mid age range to capture that genre as well. I try to attract the younger crowd, because they are into the hip-hop style. Through that I learned that you could really effectively relay the image of Christ to the young people if you allow them to really get into your music. Now I’ve noticed that you have a group of musicians accompanying you on your CD. Is it your own group? Who makes up your background music?

KAM: The background music is produced by Ed Robinson of Stone Mountain, Georgia. He collaborated with a group of musicians from my church. Greg Pittman is on the drums, Gerald is on the bass, and Ed is playing the keys.

DG. Com: When did you actually release your CD I Am That I Am?

KAM: 2003 in the latter part of December going into 2004. What’s on the horizon for KAM Ministries? What’s new?

KAM: Well, I’m doing a little more traveling now than I did back in 2004, because a lot more people are involved and have learned about me. I’m just trying to continue to spread the word of God outside of Atlanta in different states.

DG.Com: Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the audience?

KAM: I’d just like to tell people that it’s been a hard journey, but through God’s help and perseverance, it has really been a blessing. I look forward to singing in Detroit for you guys.

DG. Com: Well, we do appreciate the time you’ve taken out of your busy schedule to share with us, and we definitely pray God’s blessings on your ministry and that you continue to be anointed in this venue.

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