Spoken Word/Poetry Spotlight – Keir
(photo – Keir at the UGA Detroit Chapter mixer in May of 2006)
Spoken word and poetry in the gospel arena is really growing across metro Detroit and the nation. No matter what genre of gospel music or entertainment that you like, you’ll always find that Detroit has got great artists that can bring it at the highest level.
Therefore we the staff of Detroit Gospel.com are going to begin spotlighting a different spoken word artist from our area each month.
Our spoken word artist for this month is Keir(pronounced key-air). He has a new CD entitled “No Need To Worry.” It’s inspirational, and will speak to you. Keir deals with a lot of topics that we all deal with daily. “I found it to be refreshing and encouraging.” Check it out for yourself.
Keir Bio:
After working for a fortune 500 company for 15 years, Keir found himself unemployed and unable to find work in his field. The lights and gas were cut off in his 2000 sq ft house. Unable to pay his bills he lost his home. Instead of wallowing in depression, discouragement and distress, he started writing poetry and followed his passion for music. The CD is a direct result of his own personal experiences and how to overcome major set backs.
This poetry and music is straight out of Detroit! Keir did all of the poetry, music, and mixing on all tracks of the “No Need To Worry” CD. This CD has been professionally mastered and is a very high quality product. “Many people” have said that they have enjoyed the CD, including: poets, DJ’s and musicians. Keir is the president of “Lord and Jackson Soundwave Productions/Publishing LLC” and composes for clients, businesses, and artists in the metro Detroit area.
Keir (key-air) was born in Detroit, Michigan, attended Michigan State University and graduated with a B.S. degree in Engineering. Later working for one of the “big three” automobile companies as a Supervisor and then as an Industrial Engineer. While working, he went to one of the best recording schools in the Detroit area to become a Recording Engineer.
Click on the link below to purchase or listen to clips from No Need To Worry.