Artist: Kimberly R. Whitsett
Title: “Conqueror”
Release Date: 01-28-2022
Record Label: Whitsett Sounds
Recorded At: Inner Court Studios – Southfield, MI
“Conqueror” Available to Stream on:

Behind the scenes look at Kimberly R. Whitsett’s journey to “CONQUEROR”

Kimberly R. Whitsett’s new project, “Conqueror,” showcases her powerhouse vocals and stirring testimony. The song’s contemporary tempo and tight production is flavored with and old-school quartet vibe that gospel music lovers are sure to enjoy. Kimberly shared some insights on the challenges and triumphs surrounding her newest project with What were some challenges to completing or releasing the project that had to be overcome?

Kimberly R. Whitsett: You know you are onto something when an entire shutdown of the world takes place and halts everything. No worries, because a promise is a promise when the Lord is in it. Time may have stood still for some months due to the Pandemic, but where there is a will, there are ways. Creative determination kicked in, as musicians began taping from home studios and electronically sending input. Brainstorming, meetings and rehearsals took place on Zoom until we were able to safely gather again to its completion. Even while in the studio, one major collaborator was unable to fly in from Dallas, but with technology, was able to still pitch, fine tune and perfect vocals. Don’t tell me what the Lord can’t do!! None the less, we each came out a CONQUEROR! Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Do your homework first! Hear clearly your “Why?” Pray, research, ask questions, read, REPEAT! Count up the cost and be honest with self. Be certain to identify a mentor for the journey (someone who’s been there and done that), along with a balanced team. Work on a strategic plan from all lenses and angles… from concept to marketing and promotions. Handle all paperwork upfront. And lastly, go in the studio and let Holy Spirit create a new thing through you.


Kimberly R. Whitsett has been blessed with many gifts and talents including as a Minister of Music, recording artist, featured soloist, actress, playwright, producer, director, entrepreneur, church leader and more. CLICK HERE to Read More about Kim’s anointed ministry and career.

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