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After spending 32 weeks as the number one song at Gospel radio, Marvin Sapp’s, “Never World Have Made It,” becomes the longest running number one radio single across all formats in the history of the BDS chart and surpasses former record-shattering hits that have topped the Adult Contemporary, Rock, Hot AC and Regional Mexican Charts for 25 weeks or more.

The “Never Would Have Made It” Worship Experience
with Pastor Marvin Sapp, Lexi and the Cass Tech Gospel Ensemble

Dateline: Saturday, April 5, 2008

Promoter, Lamont Leak

20 year old promoter, Lamont Leak, presented the “Never Would Have Made It” Worship Experience, featuring Pastor Marvin Sapp, Lexi and the Cass Tech Ensemble at Cass Tech on Grand River, Saturday, April 5, 2008. DetroitGospel.com was blessed to be in on the experience. Do not let the age of the promoter fool you, he had a wonderful audience and showcased many of his former classmates along with the powerful ministry of one of gospel’s greatest singers and pastors, Pastor Marvin Sapp. The logistics of the concert caused a bit of a delay in starting, but once the worship experience went forth, the Spirit of the Lord had His way.

Pastor Marvin Sapp

One of the Sponsors and a staunch supporter of the service, opened the worship with prayer and a beautiful solo rendition. The principal, Lenora Ashford, came and extended a warm welcome to all who attended with her husband and her assistant principal, Gwen Hamilton. The praise team consisted of The CT Gospel Choir and was lead by Sis. Jessica Clay who ushered in the praises. Zeno from Great Faith Ministries blessed us with a selection from his upcoming CD project. E and D Mime Ministry – Split N Image, are twin brothers – Eric and Derick Gregory, from Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church who gave great attitude as they danced to the Clark Sister’s “Blessed and Highly Favored” (if you did not know they were blessed, it was not because they did not express it). The Clark Sisters would have been proud.

Gospel mimes Eric and Derick Gregory

Gospel artist Lexi

Lexi came forward ministering and advising those present that we need to support our own in the Detroit gospel family and for those who have already made it, let us not forget who helped us get there. She sang and ministered in humor as she reminded us, “if you spare the rod, you spoil the child” – discipline is a good thing (Amen). Bro. Christopher Sinclair from Burning Bush SDA in Ypsilanti broke us up with “I Won’t Complain” and then a medley was rendered by the New Cass Tech Gospel Ensemble.

Pastor Marvin Sapp ministers to the audience

The previous artists just set the table for the ministry of worship that Pastor Marvin Sapp of the Lighthouse Fellowship Ministries served in CT – he thoroughly blessed the place. Pastor Sapp shared that in recording his “Thirsty” CD, he had lost three of the most important men in his life within a 90 day span – his natural father, his music mentor and his spiritual father. Pastor said “Go and Find Your Place of Worship” is the song that got him through those difficult days. Then he ministered to us and reminded us that God is Great and how our faith should get us to “know that what He said is for more real than what we see”; we need to Praise God in advance. He said that “Praise will confuse the enemy.” Pastor Sapp flowed into “Thirsty,” and then took us back with “I Come to the Garden” and “The Blood that Jesus Shed for Me.” But Pastor could not leave the stage until he led us into “Never Would Have Made It.” I heard Pastor in an interview with the other Pastor Marvin [Winans] and he said he was not going to put that song on the CD, thinking it was not finished. He said his wife encouraged him to put it on and we are all so grateful that he listens to his better half….because I “Never Would Have Made It” without this wonderful CD.

Pastor Marvin Sapp and Detroit Gospel.com’s Brenda Underwood

We had a moment to remember the One Love Cruise we both were on and how he blessed us mightily then as well as he did this night. God bless you Pastor Marvin Sapp, Lexi, Cass Tech Gospel Choir and Gospel Ensemble, E and D Mimes, Bro. Christopher Sinclair, Zeno, praise team along with the principals, teachers, students, parents, friends and loved ones who supported Brother Lamont Leak in the great endeavor. To God be the Glory for all He has done. See you at the next Worship Experience. 

Gospel mimes Eric and Derick Gregory

DetroitGospel.com’s Carl B. Phillips introduces Pastor Marvin Sapp

Sis. Jessica Clay and The Cass Tech Gospel Choir

Gospel artist Zeno

Bro. Christopher Sinclair

Pastor Welton Smith

DetroitGospel.com’s Brenda Underwood with Drew Sheard (son of Pastor J. Drew and Karen Clark Sheard)