Mary Wynn is “FM98 Strong Inspirations with Deborah Smith Pollard” and’s spotlight artist for April 2012. Her new CD, “I’m Ready,” features

the smash single, “Reignin O V A Me!,” and is available at:,,

iTunes, Amazon MP3, and God’s World (13533 W. 7 Mile Rd., Detroit, MI 48235). For Booking

Info: 313-605-3303,, From Gospetality Records, David’s Dance Music, and

Red Tape Entertainment. Follow Mary Wynn on and

We asked Mary Wynn a few questions about the work that went into making her new

project happen.

In addition to social media, what are some of the things that you’re doing to promote the

new project?

Besides the previously stated social media outlets, I am appearing on the cover of Gospel

USA Magazine, opening for Maurette-Brown Clark on March 24th (which is a televised taping

on Impact Network), appearing on The Dorinda Clark-Cole Show on TCT Network, appearing in

concert on Mothers Day, May 13th, with Sunday’s Best winner and finalist Leandria Johnson

and Jessica Reedy, preparing for a summer tour including GAG workshops and hopefully much


Can you give us a peek into the creative process? Do you have any advice for aspiring

artists about the creative process and surmounting any hurdles you may have encountered?

Whether you are a major or independent artist, make sure the quality of your work is

stellar. From songwriting, to music production, to artwork, to vocal styling. I may not

have the budget of a major artist, but I made sure that my project was comparable. God

gave us His all and I strive to give Him and His people my all. It’s truly about being

committed to the work God has for you to do. I finally realized that it’s not about me

but it’s about being a vessel that God can use for His glory. That’s what my CD speaks

to…”I’m Ready” (prepared for a purpose; available for service, action, or progress).


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Mary Wynn

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Reignin O V A Me!


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13533 W. 7 Mile Rd.
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(313) 605-3303

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