The Village Theater at Cherry Hill is
pleased to present a special exhibition, “Lest We Forget: Legends of Detroit
Gospel,” now through Feb. 24, which celebrates the vast history of Gospel music
in Detroit.

This traveling exhibition celebrates the
richness of the Gospel music tradition, while also honoring four of its major
contributors: Mattie Moss Clark, The Reverend C. L. Franklin, the Reverend
Charles H. Nicks, Jr., and Minister Thomas A. Whitfield. Each of these honorees
helped shaped Detroit ‘s image as a major center for gospel music. This
exhibition is a first effort by the Gospel Performing Arts Center , which has as
its goal the development of a facility that will perpetuate, celebrate and
educate the community about gospel music.

The exhibit, presented
by the Michigan State University Museum’s Traveling Exhibition Service, is
currently on display at the Gallery@VT, located at 50400 Cherry Hill Road in
Canton . This popular exhibition consists of striking, freestanding photographic
interpretive banners as well as a freestanding music station that allows
visitors to sample a variety of gospel classics performed by several Detroit
Gospel legends.

In addition to
providing an overview of the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of
gospel music in Detroit , the exhibit honors major contributors to the gospel
music tradition. “Lest We Forget: Legends of Detroit Gospel” was developed in
collaboration with the Michigan State University Museum and is made possible
with the support of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the
Center for Creative Communications. The Michigan State University Museum ‘s
Traveling Exhibition Service provides affordable exhibitions for museums and
organizations both in and out of Michigan.

The exhibit will be on
display Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., as well as during public performances
at the theater and also by appointment. The Gallery@VT is closed on

For more information about this latest
exhibition in the Gallery@VT, please call (734) 394-5300 or visit