Michigan District
Baptist Association “Joy In The Morning” Pre-Congress Kick-Off
Service, March 11, 2017 @ 9:30am. Location: Liberty Temple Baptist Church, 17188
Greenfield Rd., Detroit, MI. Call to Action Guest Speaker: Min. Leslie
Watson-Malachi; Executive Director, PFAW; Pilgrim Baptist Church, Washinton,
D.C. Special Service Dedication to the late Rev. Dr. Wilma-Johnson of New
Prospect MBC. Flint Distribution: First Trinity Baptist Church, 1226 Beach St.,
Flint, MI; Rev. Ezra Tillman, Pastor. Buses Leave from LTBC for Flint: 10:45AM
and Return: 4:00PM. Please Donate: Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, adult wipes,
& disinfectant wipes. Donations can be dropped off at Liberty Temple Baptist
Church, M-F, 9:30A-6PM. Rev. Dr. Steve Bland, Jr. – MDBA Moderator & Host