Darcell has just released her debut gospel CD entitled “Joy Is Better.” She began singing professionally at the age of 18. Darcell was a member of Motor City Mass (produced by Fred Hammond), which released 2 albums. She also sang background for gospel recording artist David Ivey and has traveled throughout the United States and abroad to London, England. Darcell also recently starred in the hit gospel play “The Night I Fell In Love” where she played the lead female role of Hope Hunter.

DG.com: What was the inspiration behind “Joy Is Better?”

Darcell Wade: The inspiration behind Joy Is Better was to kind of give a voice to young people as far as how they feel regarding their spirituality. Sometimes, it seems like a lot of people don’t see things through the eyes of young people and the pressure that they face. I am singing about some of the pressures that young people have. So that was my inspiration. I’m also a Youth Pastor at Gospel Tabernacle in Detroit, MI.

DG.com: What can listeners expect when they buy “Joy Is Better?”

Darcell Wade: They can expect some good music that you can clap your hands to and they can expect music that is sincere as well.

DG.com: What do you feel is unique about “Joy is Better?”

Darcell Wade: I definitely feel as though it’s unique because I have a unique contemporary style. It’s unique because I feel it’s the voice of young people. The final song on the CD “No More” talks about how this person wants an answer from the Lord and sometimes that answer may not come when we want it to come. So the person is questioning, “Lord is it anything that I said and is it anything that I’ve done?” But yet he still says that they are going to trust in God and hold on till they get an answer.

DG.com: Where in the Detroit area can people see you? Where will you be performing?

Darcell Wade: Well, I am a minister of music at my church, Gospel Tabernacle. Recently I had a major role in the hit gospel stage play “The Night I Fell in Love” and we will be doing another play in June entitled “In My Father’s House.” I am going to be taking several engagements around the city as well. To listen to music samples, photo gallery, or join her email club visit Darcell’s website at www.darcellwade.com. Joy Is Better is available at God’s World and Baker’s Bible Bookstore. For booking please call (586) 498-8016 or (313) 443-1899.