FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-Detroit Michigan–The lead single, “Nothing New” (produced by Leon Jones of The Resurrection) is being released July 11 to both urban adult and mainstream radio. This project includes additional production by Fred Hammond, Michael Novak and Dave Roberson.

The group agrees, what has been is, and what is, will be again, thus the title of their new project “There is nothing new under the sun.” A spokes person for the group (Leon Jones) says, “This project shows the growth the group has experience collectively. We have undergone a lot of personal tests and have learned great life lessons. These lessons we wanted to share with both loyal and new fans.”

Although, their previous albums had national distribution and heavy rotation in many cities, the goal of this project is to have worldwide exposure. Leon states, “We want the world to have knowledge (and understanding) of Christ’s Resurrection. We ‘it’ seared into the minds of people of all religions, ages, sexes and nationalities.”

Contact: Manager-

Del O’Brien @ 248-546-9696

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