A Gathering of the True Worshippers
Friday, October 1, 2021
Special Guest Psalmist Raine

Join Living Bread Ministries on Friday, October 1st for a one-day Worship Gathering with Special Guest Psalmist Raine from Chicago, Illinois.

The theme for this one-day event is
“A Gathering of the True Worshippers”

Psalmist Raine will be teaching in day sessions from 10a-1p. There will be a Night of Worship at 7pm with Psalmist Raine & the Refresh Team.

Registration is required for day session;
$50 for in-person attendees and
$30 for virtual attendees

The (7pm) Night of Worship is open to the public for in person attendance, however, seating is limited due to COVID restrictions.

CLICK HERE to Register Today at www.lbmwestgate.org

Living Bread Ministries, Intl
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Redford, MI 48239

Apostle Kenneth D. & Prophetess Joyce M. Hogan
Senior Pastors