Pat Pennington-Kendricks (Carl B): Pat, most people know you from your recording of “In Times Like These” on the “Detroit Sings Nu Hymnz” project (produced by Grammy nominated and Stellar Award winning artist Deitrick Haddon). What did that recording mean to you?

Pat: Recording with Detroit Sings Nu Hymnz, was an awesome experience of worship for me and it showed me how you can bring all types of denominations together. Whether you were Baptist, Apostolic, or COGIC, we were all lifting The Most High up in worship on one stage together. So many yokes were broken that night. The recording was just awesome for me. Singing “In Times Like These” was a message to all, and I know that God used me to sing as a vessel to Him, to spread the message that we need Him now in times like these. (Carl B): You’ve also worked with Deitrick and Damita Haddon on other projects. What are some of the things they’ve taught you.

Pat: Working with Deitrick & Damita taught me discipline in worship and how to set the atmosphere for the next level. If you know Deitrick, you will find that he has an expertise and he knows how to flow in worship. [This] helped me and allowed me to understand when you are out on the road, or at home in your own church ministry, it is very important to stay focused on ministry and forget about the rest. (Carl B): You have a rich heritage in Detroit gospel music, tell our readers about your upbringing.

Carl B & PatPat: Growing up in a home as the 7th child and the baby sister of awesome siblings, not to mention my mom, the late Jean Reed (at that time she was known as the “Gospel Seed of WCHB”), was special for me. Going to the radio station with my mom, as she worked serving the community with gospel music, was fun and as I watched mom, I often thought, ‘I want to do what she is doing,’ which was sing, play gospel music, and become an entrepreneur. She was a motivation to me and my siblings. My brothers would travel as the Evereadys gospel group and mom would push there ministry along with others. Often her and my dad, the late Charles Pennington (whom also was one of the gospel extraordinaires of music), would bring the biggest gospel concerts in the quartet field to Detroit. A lot of people remember my father as “chicken rice and gravy” or the “old roaches” commercial from years ago. When you come up in a saved family, the treasure of unity and faith remains number one in my life. (Carl B): In stores now is your new maxi single “Just Ask”. Why did you decide to pursue a career in recording?

Pat: Actually my single is “Ask it.” When you are born to do something, no matter how you try to not do just that, you always become what your were designed to do. I believe God has chosen me to pursue a career in music because all I know is music, church, sing, church, music, pray and fast. There is a message that needs to cross the nations. I will be one of the soldiers that will spread the gospel through gospel music. (Carl B): The two songs on the maxi single “I.O.U.” and “Just Ask” reflect personal experiences. Tell us how the songs were birthed.

Pat: “I.O.U.” was birthed at a time in my life when I had moved out on my own and as a single parent. At that time it was hard for me. I made some decisions that I could not handle and one day tears rolled out my eyes at my kitchen table. My business of doing hair was slow and bills were coming left and right. I was thanking Him because all of my needs were still met and somehow I managed to make it. Even though I don’t know where the money came from, He seen fit to smile on me and my daughter.

“Ask It” was birthed as a child listening to my mother always saying, ‘Ask it, whatever you need, never steal, just pray and believe He will do it’. So, I managed to take those words and put them into a traditional churchy sound so that others could understand the message in the song. (Carl B): When can we expect a full CD from Pat Pennington Kendricks?

Pat: I plan to do a live recording this coming Spring or early Summer. So, the full CD should be in stores Fall 2005. (Carl B): Coming up with a traditional gospel music background, do you find it challenging singing contemporary gospel music?

Keith, Pat & ReneePat: It is a challenge for me, but I like challenge. I don’t look at it as what kind of music we label it. It is all ministry in song. That is why I don’t want to be put in a certain category because I am a worshiper, and my album will have all music such as praise and worship, quartet, traditional, contemporary, jazz, and ballads. I just want to be me. God has not labeled me. I just want to give Him my all in everything I do. So, therefore, whatever it takes to get the message out, whether it is any of the above categories as we say, then praise God. (Carl B): In addition to being a recording artist you are also a wife, a mother, and a businesswoman. How do you manage to balance all those roles?

Pat: I am often asked that question because I am completing my last year at Davenport University where I will be receiving my Bachelor degree in Marketing and my load is heavy. Yet still I owe God my all because he balances me to be all of that in the time needed. When I am at my business, I am the entrepreneur. When I leave, I am the mother and wife. Then, at school, I am the student. But always I remain a child of God which carries me through the day and that is where I get my strength, guidance, load lifting, and my ability to go out and minister in song. (Carl B): You are a member of High Praise, where your pastor is Bishop Clarence Haddon. How important is it to you to have a pastor to not only nurture you spiritually, but also assist in guiding and supporting your recording career?

Pat: Very important. Having a covering allows me to know that spiritually my pastors can answer any questions or concern I have in the middle of the night. Bishop is like a father and he supports my recording career and has guided me in areas I had no knowledge spiritually. So I thank God for Bishop & Prophetess Haddon. (Carl B): If someone wants to contact you for an engagement or to purchase your new CD, how can they reach you?

Pat Pennington-Kendricks Contact Info

Rhythm One Management Group
phone: 313-205-3009

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