Anthony “Antster” Howard
June 16, 1969 – July 30, 2007

Saturday, August 4, 2007
True Rock Church
17500 Chandler Park Drive, Detroit
Family Hour 10:30 a.m. – Remarks
Service 11:00 a.m.A Poem by Anthony Howard

Anthony’s MySpace Page:

We at are deeply saddened by the passing of one of our own; writer, producer, director, and child of the King, Anthony Howard.

Anthony departed this world on Monday, July 30, 2007, and will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved him. Active and involved right up until the end of this life, Anthony submitted his first installment of a new series of articles for, “Anthony About Town” the night before he died. Anthony’s final article for as well as a poem he’d written that was sent to us by Vanessa Lynn, CEO of 2 the Moon Productions can be found below.

“I Am A Tree” by Anthony Howard

Already there are multiple streams of income flowing into my garden of
Eden. God is ever visiting me, conversing with me, showing me things in
the things I’ve thought I’ve seen enough of. I feel the heat of the
coming and ever rising Son. I also feel the cool whispering breeze of the
after…life and it feels good! Being a tree planted by the rivers of
water there is responsibility because as a tree you provide many a
thing. Shade, shelter, and substance. Provision, protection, and
inspiration. Have I told you the Son is coming? In being me I draw unto myself a community. Good and bad things happen but that depends on how you see it. I provide a home for the birds that eat the bugs that eat the leaves that sustains life for me and provides shade for those that rest
beneath. What I also like is that I am constantly giving praise to Him that
made me… my arms… my branches are lifted high… because I
surrender my all to HIM. I love the fact that He keeps me clothed and in the plushness of beautiful hues depending on the season. And He even provides me rest and yes that may mean that everyone goes away and that I take care of me and sleep. But I have to be willing to be awaken again,
refreshed to be me again. 2007 is the bomb I say again, because now I know that I’m a tree! A tree planted by the rivers of water and I’m doing my part to add to the Garden (where God visits often) by bringing in
multiple streams. I bring more than I take away…ah… here comes the Son… here comes the Son and I say… well… what do you say? I say…it’s
all right.


Anthony About Town by Anthony Howard (written 7/29/2007)

First let me congratulate for the wonderful and consistent growth that God has done in increasing its territory and thus opening more doors for those of us that labor faithfully.

Congratulations and thank you.

If I may segue here regarding growth and the increasing of territories… this new column will be about some of the movies airing at the theatres, auditions for films and play productions and some of the coffeehouses and poetry readings that are taking place throughout Detroit, because Detroit Christians do these things as well. If you know of any great places or movies you’re going to, and you want me to chill with you guys… email me and let’s chew the rag and discuss it a bit. Oprah has her book club of the month, we can have our movie of the month!

Now on with the article –
Movies at the Theatre:
Top 10 Ranking as of 7/26/07
1. Hairspray (Was excellent and worth watching again)
2. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (Did not see yet)
3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Did not see yet) (those who may… get with me to go see this one and let’s see what Christian aspects we can gather from this movie meant for corruption)**************
4. The Simpsons Movie (Very risque at parts but definitely The Simpsons) 5. Transformers (Eye candy and makes any grown man feel like a child again)
6. 1408 (Did not see yet)
7. License to Wed (Although hard to swallow at some points but also a great lesson in how to reach young people in Church and to make people more responsible about going into a marriage. Eat the meat and throw away the bones).
8. Ratatouille (Wonderful animation but squeamish at times if you don’t like mice…lol. Wonderful lessons in friendship, family loyalty, and going after your dreams. Loved the movie.)
9. Live Free or Die Hard (less cussing but still lot more people die but not as much blood. I think the best movie done as a trilogy while able to keep your attention and it still continues from the previous series. Bruce Willis is still the man!)
10. Sicko (Will encourage you to make a change, or at least pay more attention to whom you vote for. Something is going to have to change and it can start with you. Go out and vote but know why you vote the way you vote).

Let me state that if you listen hard enough, God speaks all of the time. I’m going to give you a movie to watch (#3) and you come back and tell me what were some of the Christian aspects you saw in the film that encouraged you or tried to dis-encourage to continue to live for Christ.

Some spots that some don’t know to go for alternative film viewing:

1. Campus Martius Park (
2. Detroit Film Theatre (
3. Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (
4. Gracie’s Underground – Ferndale (

Some spots that some don’t know to go for Poetry Open Mic:

1. Beans and Bytes on Woodward on Tuesday nights 7:30p -10:00p
2. Java Cafe on Cass on Thursday nights 7p – 10:30p
Tell them Anthony About Town from told you about them!!!

Auditions/ Contest

Detroit Superstar Challenge Garden Court Condominiums, LLC is in search of the regions next top design superstar!
Applications, complete rules, terms and conditions are available at Garden Court Condominiums or by visiting
Applications will be accepted through Friday, August 24, 2007, and let them know you saw this in – “Anthony About Town”.


Trinity Film Coalition Film Festival
Saturday August 4th @ Marriott Hotel from 9a -5p in Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48243
Prizes will be awarded in three categories, Best Feature Film, Best short film, and best music video. Vendor Opportunities available.


I have friends in the know – it’s up to you to make that move and follow your dream and calling:

Tyler Perry Studios’ extras casting department is looking for background talent to work on Tyler Perry Studios feature films and television projects. If you are interested in working as background talent, please send a photo and resume to or If you do not have a resume, please include your contact information in your e-mail. You may also mail your photo to: TPS/Extras Casting, 541 10th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318. No phone calls will be accepted.

Machivelli Film Inc. is casting a 35mm & HDDV film titled “Unnecessary Desires.”
This is a complicated film with short, bristly scenes that often end abruptly with nasty implications that will leave viewers hanging in the air, in which people get killed, tortured, and blown up. They say “big brother is watching,” but this time big brother was not watching both ways. R. Pankey, prod. Shooting Sept. 10-May 5 in Jamaica Queens, New York, Toronto, California, Brazil, and Durham, North Carolina.

Send pix & resumés and reels to Machivelli Film Inc., 1098 Valencia Avenue, Haines City, FL 33844; or email to Submit a rider (if you have one) from your agent.

$504 min./day ($1,752 min./wk.), plus DVD copy, transportation, per diem, and housing provided. SAG Low Budget Film Agreement.

Professional Pay for Male, Female Actors, Actresses and Extras
Age Range: Young Adult (ages 18-29), Thirties (ages 30-39), Forties (ages 40-49), Older (50-65), Senior (66+)

All types and ethnicity needed.


Please email and let us know if this new article is of any help and/or interests and please leave your comments and advice so that we meet your need. Thanks so much and I’ll see you about town!!!