Review: Fred Hammond “They That Wait”

The wait is over.. The single is here! Yes, all you Fred Hammond Fans!! The latest single from Fred Hammond featuring John P. Kee entitled, “They That Wait” is out and available for purchase! Indeed, it was worth the wait.. It reminds me of old-school Fred “Celebrate.”

It is what I like to call one of those great pick me up songs! When you are down and out…been believing God for a long time…getting weary… This is the TRACK that will boost your faith and get ya shouting again like you first believed. Now, having John P. Kee on the track…it was okay.

I am not too much of a John P. Kee fan, but I believe it added a nice touch. Yeah! This is one of those songs EVERY CHOIR will be singing!

Wait on Him….

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Review: Lisa McClendon “Reality”

A glimpse of Reality is what I like to call Lisa McClendon’s latest album entitled, “Reality.” It has been a long time coming,  but I am happy to have her back and in full effect.

After the release of “Live From The House of Blues,” I was really going through Lisa withdrawals. So, “Reality” was for me, a breath of fresh air! I felt like FINALLY someone knows what I go through on a day to day basis!

I have always been in love with her individuality and the way that she brings listeners into the different stages of life that we go through along with cultivating our relationships with Christ in the meantime.

The CD hits home, with tracks such as “Immabeme.” Despite what others may say, we have to focus on our lives, the way God has created us to live our lives and continue to walk in love regardless. Or, tracks such as my personal favorite, “Manifest,” which is what I call a plea to God asking Him to manifest His love toward us, so that we can manifest it through others!

“Reality” has tracks such as “Thank You,” placing the listener into a position of thanks for everything in their lives, including the small things that we so happen to take for granted.

Great come-back if I say so myself! You can tell that Lisa has not only grown as an artist, but also as a believer! GO LISA!!!

Two Thumbs Up!

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Review: Creflo Dollar presents “Heart of God: Change”

As you all know, I am a music lover to the depth of my bone. Lately, God has really been dealing with me regarding the music I listen to, even some Christian Music. Making sure what I am putting in, is what I need to, etc.

This time it is real critical to my mission! Well after a long awaited month, I finally purchased Creflo Dollar Presents “Heart of God: Change.” Indeed this CD has brought about a change in me! I dont know what took me so long to get the CD.

A TRUE Worship CD! If you like HillSong, Israel Houghton…then this CD has to be in your collection!

I have been listening to it all morning on replay and it has been really bringing me back to the heart of worship. This CD hits on areas such as laying down yourself so that you can be a true vessel and be used completely for God. Transforming our hearts completely to Him!

This CD will most def take you into the presence, beyond the veil, and soften your heart to hear from God!

If you need a change.. and desire to take your worship to another level…this is a must have CD!

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Review: “Almost Clear” by Terrell King

It’s ya girl T.Marie coming at you with another BANGER!!!

I must admit I slept on this young talented artist on Avista Records, Terrell King. I remember hearing a snippet of a song he did on Myspace like two years ago and was searching for the album to drop. Low and behold, the album was released in 2008!

Some artists you can pinpoint or say that they remind you of another artist, however, Terrell is his own artist in his own right. If you are someone who enjoys Rhythm and Praise, can’t live without it… and want something to bump in your truck or car this summer, this is it.

Terrell’s debut album, “Almost Clear” features songs such as “Desperate” and “Million Miles,” which are indeed hits!  With songs such as “Sweeter,” Terrell talks about his love relationship with the Father and how each day is sweeter with him than the day before, and how he longs to hear his voice. “Desperate” hits again on the importance of being desperate for God’s presence.

“Almost Clear” has an R&B type of vibe to it, but hits you with a message that will change your life and have you longing for that sweet touch and voice of our Father.

I am not sure why he hasn’t hit Mainstream yet! Well you can say that you heard it FIRST, here from T.Marie! He’s indeed bringing that HOT Fire with “Almost Clear.”

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CALLING Mainstream!!! “It’s Official: Hip Hop Remixed” is HERE!

Loud Bass Line.. Hot Track.. Fire Lyrics.. are most definitely coming from the hot new release from Arrow Records entitled, “It’s Official: Hip Hop Remixed.” Indeed, it was most def a great combination of Rhythm and Praise and Holy Hip Hop Artists.

With hot artists such as Arrow’s own, Canton Jones, DeLoren, T Haddy, KGD, Big Ran, Dria, DJ and mixing from non other than DJ Sean Blu, Arrow has succeeded once again to not only cater to youth, but any listener young at heart.

Like any HOT new cd, you will always have your personal favorites!  My personal favorites are “Be On E,” “Oxy Clean” and “Musicbox” along with the classics, the remixes to “Kingdom Business” and “Living Clean Music” by one of my favorite artists, Canton Jones! (By the way, can’t wait for the new album to drop CaJo!)

One of the greatest elements of this CD, is that the artists really hit home with lyrics that will change ANY and EVERY listener’s life. With lyrics such as “I’m Gonna Win/No Matter what they say about me/I Can’t Loose.”  Songs dealing with daily issues and elements, to living a successful life as a Christian and more.

If you are a Christian that needs to replace some of your secular CD’s, I would recommend getting this CD, ASAP! For you veterans out there..this is a MUST HAVE!

It reminds me a lot of the 116 Clique compilation CD that came out a few years back. Low key, I personally would love to see more compilation CD’s! Bringing the body together ya know?

I love that Gospel music is taking up another level, with quality, production as well as artistry! Arrow you got me hooked over here once again! The beats, lyrics are really comparable to anything played on mainstream radio! NOTICE TO MAINSTREAM RADIO: GET ON IT!!! STEP YA GAME UP!!!

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