Review: J Moss “Just James”

 If I had to describe this CD in two words, they would be “Growth” and “Restoration.” Hence the name of the new single “Restored” off of J Moss’ latest album, “Just James.”

“Just James” takes the listener into what I call, “J Moss’ own personal prayer closet,” and allows the listener to not only experience James, but experience their own personal encounter with God!

“Anointing” is a modern day version of The Clark Sisters’, “Endow Me,” filled with strong bass and drum lines, and killer chords on the keyboard! PAJAM out did themselves with the production of this one! Totally comparable to anything that is on mainstream radio! Great Job PAJAM!

“Rebuild” is a song of strength and repentance that allows the listener to enter into the presence of God, requesting that He rebuild them back to the state that He has called them to be.

The production on the title track, “Just James” is SICK… it really allows the listener to take an inside look at Just James… outside of the gospel fame, the lights, the glamour… it’s all about ministry and him just being JAMES!

This CD really shows the transformation of J Moss, and takes the listener into his own personal life; his encounter with God, and the restoration process. I believe this CD is a great example of strength and restoration!

Great Job J!

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Review: Youthful Praise

Indeed this CD exemplifies resting on the promises of God… JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise have done it with their latest release “Resting On His Promise.”

Since 2002, Youthful Praise has been ushering listeners into the presence of God. This CD is just another level of God’s glory being manfiested.

“Resting On His Promise” features songs such as “You Reign,” “Powerful God” and some of my personal favorites, “Close To You” and “Great Expectation.”  It was extremely hard for me to get past track 5 “Close To  You.” “Close to You” takes you into the presence of God with a sweet song dedicated to being in His presence, under the shadow of His wings, and receiving His fullness of joy. This song is a guarnteed tear jerker that will most definetly take your worship level  higher. This song reminds me of an “As the Deer” of our current day and age.  “Great Expectation” places the listener in remberance of  my favorite scripture, Jeremiah 29:11; “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Letting them know now you can have GREAT EXPECTATION… because of what God has said in His word!

Youthful Praise is joined on this album by Gospel music greats, Detroit’s own Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole, and Light Records Label mate, Pastor Shirley Ceasar.

The title track, “Resting On His Promise,” tells the listener that God will not let us lack or be without because we are His children and his promises are true towards us that believe. Everything in our lives might be going wrong, but we are resting on His promises toward us!

Overall, great CD Youthful Praise! I know it indeed was a blessing for me!

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Review: The Winner is…Coko

Songs like “Let Me Go,” “Rescue Me” and last, but certainly not least, “Wait” have been in HEAVY rotation on my CD player and iPod since I got Coko’s sophomore album in the mail, “The Winner In Me.”

By far, it is a great second album. I can truly say there has not been a single song on the CD that has not ministered to my spirit. The R&B and Gospel Sensation has done it again!

The collaborations on this CD are what I like to call, “A-1!” Great move for Coko to team up with my brother and favorite artist, Canton Jones, on “Make A Way.” A true day starter, the beat will have anyone on their feet and the lyrics really hit home! I can hear the college choirs singing this already for the 09-10 school year! “Make A Way” has this live effect to it that is out of this world! Great job on this one!

Her collaboration with what I personally call the “True Worshiper” himself Israel Houghton, on “The Joy of the Lord,” really places the listener back in remembrance that the Joy of the Lord IS our strength.

Coko also teamed up with  R&B and Gospel Diva herself, Kelly Price, on “Oh Mary,” that was written by The Church Girl herself, Onitsha. Great Song.. really ministers to the women from all facets and walks of life.

The “Winner In Me” encourages listeners that despite what goes on in our lives, we are to look at the “Winner In Us,” which is Jesus Christ. Coko encourages everyone to share your testimony on how you got where you were, and how you survived what you did. It was because of the “Winner in us,” Jesus Christ. We are all winners because of the winner in us, Jesus! I can shout right there!

“Wait” on the Lord when times get tough and to be of good courage. Rest and know that God’s word will not come back to us void, and he will come through on our behalf! Most definitely CoKo is preaching to her listeners on this one!

Oh, and last but not least, my second favorite on this CD, “I Surrender.” A song that highlights how at times in our lives we go through so much, we have to get to a place where we have to make that decision and completely surrender every area of our lives to God. “Here we are .. use us.”

Again, great second album Coko! Your growth as a person spiritually and naturally shines through on this album. I truly was blessed!

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Review: New Kid on the Block…Jade Harrell

I can see why Revolution Records and newly signed artist Jade Harrell entitled her debut CD, “Class Reject.” Indeed, it is nothing like what’s in the Christian industry these days!

She reminds me of a Girl “PJ Morton.” Real out-the-box, not scared to expand her territory and hit every listener possible. This CD, in my eyes, is truly a great crossover album. I see Mainstream in her future totally!

This Jacksonville, FL native has been singing since the age of 5, and gains her influence from artists such as Trinity 5:7, Brandy and the late great Micheal Jackson.

On the first track on her CD entitled, “Into the Music,” featuring Bonafide, she takes you directly into the music, hitting every genre possible.

Not afraid to take risks with her music, Jade’s “Me and My Radio,” has a techno vibe that can go against any song on Mainstream Techno or Pop.

“Who You Are” features Adrienne Archie (can’t wait for HSMS comes out!), hitting on the importance of knowing who you are and building up your self esteem. This is a great song for young women as well as the young at heart. Real Teeny Bopperish… I love it!

“Don’t Leave” makes the listener want to break out into the jerk and throw your hands up as through you are back in the the days of Motown…Supreme’s, Aretha and more… Low Key, it reminded me of how out the box Solange Knowles CD was! Indeed I do believe Jane could stand against any Mainstream artist out.

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