Shari Addison
Ring Tones

Karen Hunt-Barker: How does it feel to be singing during this Historic Inaugauration Week?

Shari Addison: Right now it is surreal for me. It is a history moment. The most televised coverage of all Inaugural coverages, and I am so excited to be a part of it. I will perform on Sunday, January 18, 2009, at two events, during Inauguration Week; the African American Church Inaugural Ball and at the “Souls of My Sisters” event on Capitol Hill. It is something God wanted me in.

KHB: As a married mother of four, how did you manage family and get on BET’s Sunday Best?

Shari Addison: That was the craziest thing. I had done competitions before, but I had not wanted to do another one. And one Sunday morning, I had a thought while taking a shower, ‘when are they going to do something like American Idol, but for people who love to sing Gospel?’ And when I walked into my bedroom, my TV was on BET, and I heard, ‘So you think you can sing Gospel?’ So, I started looking around, like okay, ‘you talking to me?’ It was one of those things that God had responded, and was already in the works. So, I called my cousin, and said ‘Look I do not know the name of the program, but I know I need you
to do the homework, go online, figure it out. All I know is that they are holding auditions in Chicago.’

She came back with all the information. She even found out, since I had changed my mind during that time of her research, that they had a VIP list, that I [could] get on. So I wouldn’t have to stand in a Cattle Call line, which is what I was concerned about. God had worked out all the details for me being a part of this show. At first, I was not accepted for the show. I had made the top 10, but they only took 6 people from Chicago, and 6 from two other places, so all together it was 18, and then they came back and got one from online. Somehow they made me the “Wild Card,” and they called me back, and this changed the game. I went from a “No,” to the Finals. Me, as the “Wild Card?” I said “You go head God!” It changed the whole
outcome of the show from a “No,” to the Finals, to the Finale’.

KHB: As Runner Up for BET’s Sunday Best, you are all over the place!

Shari Addison: Someone had a mistake in a program and wrote “Winner Up,” and I loved it! And as the “Winner Up,” God has allowed me to travel all over and I have made appearances on both BET’s Celebration of Gospel, Bobby Jones Gospel, Trinity Broadcast Network’s Praise The Lord, the Chicago Gospel Fest and the Bobby Jones Gospel Industry Retreat. I have been blessed to sing with Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Fred Hammond, Patti LaBelle, Dottie Peoples, Martha Munizzi, BeBe Winans, Mary Mary, Michael McDonald, Yolanda Adams, Marvin Sapp and Stephanie Mills. And God will not
hold no good thing from you, but there is a convenant for that, and you have to “Seek him first and his Rigtheousness,” and there is so much work to be done for the kingdom.

KHB: You mean you are doing Kingdom work outside the 4 walls of church? (smiling)

Shari Addison: Yes, that was one of the reasons why I was not chosen. They did not think I could do anything outside the four walls of the church. There are all kinds of ministries. When I am at home, I work in ministries at my church, and I participate in PATS (Prayer around The School) Ministry. I go and pray around the schools. There are so many ministries that
can be done outside the four walls of the church. You have to allow people to touch you and hear your story. When I go home, my children and husband ask, “What are we going to eat?” I am grounded and real.

KHB: Did you write any songs on your debut CD?

Shari Addison: Yeah! I was so blessed and on my first project. People normally do not get an opportunity to do this, but God allowed me to write a song, “All Things Well,” and that is just a testimony. I would sing all throughout the show, and I knew a song would come out of it, but I did not think it would come out this fast. When things do not turn out the way you think [they] should, but I trust God. He does all things well concerning me. Even on the show…that some of the songs that I [was] given the challenge on, you know, were not my normal church songs. Because it was not my normal church songs that I was accustomed to, and I had to get my hand around it, and say, ‘ok God, they know I can sing Gospel music all day long. You are just showing a different side of me, and as long as the music is not promoting sin, I’m ok.’

KHB: Your Debut CD has some of the most prominent Grammy and Stellar Award Winning producers; Donald Lawrence, Percy Bady, Daniel Witherspoon, and the world reknown Kevin Bond.

Shari Addison: Yes, Kevin wrote “No Battle, No Blessing” which is one of those Christian life stories that talks about people’s common struggle–that you have to fight the battle just to get to your blessing”.

KHB: Can you give words of insiration to our Community?

Shari Addison: I would like to say, to everyone that feels they are beyond their years in ministry, or realizing your dreams, one thing you need to know, dreams do not have any expiration date. So, if God put it in you, you have to trust God is going to bring it to pass. You cannot leave here without it being done, and that is what I know, and you have to persevere. One thing we fail to realize, just as the Bible talks about being blessed, it is in God’s set time. We cannot tell God what that time is. When it doesn’t happen, in that time that we have allotted for ourselves, we get discouraged and run. But God knows what’s best for you, just like in my song, “He Does All Things Well.” It is just like me giving my four year-old keys to my car. I cannot do that because she is not ready, althought she has seen her mommy and daddy do it all the time. It is God’s time.