Around Detroit, Eric Deon is known as the “Superman of Gospel.” Eric’s Facebook page says that he is, “Just a man that loves music but loves God even more!” After listening to Eric’s new project, “I Need You,” we’re sure that you’ll agree that Eric Deon is all that and more!

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Title of Single: I Need You
Single Release Date: 02-09-2018

Title of Album: (TBD)
Album Release Date: 08-31-2018

Record Label: Independent Artist

Where the project was recorded: UnckleNeil Studios
Artist’s Home Church and Pastor: Glad Tidings Church Of God In Christ / Administrative Assistant Robert D. Taylor, Sr. Were there any challenges to overcome with your new project.

Eric Deon: Fortunately, no challenges…God has truly been blessing me! Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Eric Deon: My advice to aspiring artists would be to “despise not” small things. Whether it’s blessings from God, small events or even small churches. We have been blessed with gifts and talents to bless others.