Spotlight Artist: Gerard Brooks

  • Gerard Brooks
  • Flame
  • 11-24-2016
  • Message Music
  • 09-01-2017
  • MAC-nificent Music Studios in Detroit, Michigan
  • Gerard Brooks’ home church is Second Timothy Baptist Church where Dr. Wilbert Humphries is Pastor. Gerard is currently the Worship Leader at Life Changers International Ministries where Stacey Foster is Pastor.
  • I’m always inspired to write songs during praise and worship. For this particular song, I was at and event and a young lady was singing about drawing closer to God and the fire of God. I had my songs all prepared to sing. However, the more the young lady began to sing, the more I began to think about my relationship with Christ. My desire is always to please God. I could not shake what the young lady was singing so when it was my turn to take the stage, the 1st words out of my mouth was “You are my desire…” That was my honest prayer to the Lord. After I left that night, I began to work on the song and when I went to work the next day, I came up with the vamp that says “I wanna be a flame for you… let me be a flame for you… burn in me God… Burn in me.” I began singing this song at churches all over Detroit and it’s the same response wherever I go. I got with my producer, we came together, recorded the song live and the rest is history. Our President made a statement that he wants to make America “great” again. I want to see the church on fire for God again.
  • Ministry starts at home. Always make sure home is taken care of before you minister. Serve at your local church. The more you sing, the more confidence you gain. Be faithful in the small things. Be consistent, intentional, and work hard at what you do. Never despise small beginnings or not so great opportunities. You’ll never know where your blessings will come from. Always be polite and live out your faith before others. Sing and write songs from a pure place that will touch the heart of God and edify his people. And more importantly, humble yourself so that GOD can exalt you… in due time of course!
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