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  • I Gotta Do Better / More Than Yesterday
  • Sunday, June 01, 2014
  • Can You Imagine
  • Sunday, September 01, 2013
  • Star Plair Entertainment
  • Studio A, Dearborn MI
  • Messiah Baptist Church Orville K Littlejohn
  • Project’s guest artists, musicians and/or producers: Kellen Brooks, Chiffon McNeal, Pastor Rudolph Stanfield Jr.
    The process creating the CD was a journey…limited resources with trying to give a quality project and not becoming homeless in the process…Awesome part of the journey in creating the project was that I was able to lead leaders and phenomenal singers and musicians…and even though they were great in those areas they still respected me enough to follow me in the process…So I really valued that…and it helped make me a better leader and musician and artist all together! I wanted to do my best!
  • Confidence, and Money of course
  • Jump! Like Steve Harvey said if you never jump, you will never be happy in life.  Your parachute won’t open in the beginning, you will hit the cliff, get scrapes and bruises, but eventually your parachute will open and you will soar! But if you never jump everyone will soar over you.
  • Born in Kalamazoo, Went to the University Of Detroit Mercy, Father is a pastor, play 5 instruments
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