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  • Great Things
  • Tuesday, February 09, 2016
  • More
  • Tuesday, June 28, 2016
  • Gospetality Records
  • Acoustic Soundz Studios-Southfield MI & The Minstrel’s Room Atlanta GA
  • Scott Memorial UMC, Pastor is Rev. Anthony Hood
  • This creative music process has been a long time coming because this is Mary’s 1st studio project in 13 yrs. Her two previous projects were live recordings. This time she decided to return to her roots and explore music on another level. The growth of Mary’s music ministry is apparent as you will hear in her single “Great Things”, which is a small taste of her upcoming project, “More”, set to be released in the spring of 2016. Mary’s vocal styling, thought provoking lyrics, developed songwriting skills, and overall delivery will clearly be displayed.

    “Great Things” was written and arranged by her gifted producer Ernest J. Lee @ the Minstrel’s Room, Atlanta, GA & Acoustic Soundz studio, Southfield, MI. This single will draw you in with its uplifting driving beat and fresh quartet style. It leaves you feeling inspired and encouraged knowing that God will continue to do Great Things for you. “When you give God more, expect him to do Great Things.” Mary’s soul-stirring vocals are clearly displayed in this hand clapping foot-stomping song that declares her witness of the life changing hand of God.  After listening to this track you will anxiously anticipate Mary’s release of her 4th CD Project in the spring of 2016.

  • Mary was focused on giving God and his people More with this project.  She was open to learning and performing styles that she never tackled previously, including songs with a jazzy feel, a collaboration track featuring up and coming Gospel hip-hop artist, Young Disciple, and the development of her songwriting skills.  She had to stretch outside of her comfort zone which at times was challenging but it’s all a part of the process.  She calls the studio the “torture chamber” because when she’s inside the booth she critiques every pitch, rhythm, and her producer, Ernest J. Lee, pushes her to the point of no return. She loves it because she knows that God gave his all, so it’s her reasonable service to do the same.
  • Be Yourself and understand that it is a 3-fold process. You must develop your skills as an artist with continuous practice and be open to learn new ways of doing things. Understand the business aspects of the music industry by protecting your music, yourself, and doing what you say you will do. Finally, know that this is a ministry.  We set the atmosphere and prepare people for the word of God and we inspire people to continue their walk of faith, therefore we must walk the talk so our ministry will be authentic.
  • Mary will complete her first concept video with this project

    Mary’s husband Jermaine collaborated with her on one of the tracks.

    The project title track “More” was inspired by a phone call Mary received from her brother as he spoke about the message he heard in church that day.

    Great Things was recorded 2 days after Mary heard it. She thought she was meeting the producer for a songwriting session and it turned out that she was scheduled to record the song.  It took her the shortest amount of time to record, yet it became the lead single for her project.

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