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  • “Anybody”
  • Saturday, August 29, 2015
  • “Anybody”
  • Diamond Records (BMI)
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Temple of Deliverance COGIC – Pontiac, Michigan
  • This is a project long in the making.  The Ginyards want to keep if gospel, keeping it 100, encouraging and soul stirring.  Our music ministry was inspired by God first and foremost and then our father (who was our #1 fan.)  Our music is not about entertainment but about the word of God and what He says in his word is true.  We are trying to reach the rich, poor, middle-class, underprivileged, down-trodden and those who will listen with an open heart and open ear.  We are not just for a specific age demo, gender, race, creed, we just want people to know that God’s word is true and when all else fails His word stands!
  • After loosing our father (Supt. W.R. Ginyard, Sr.) our brother, Willie R. Ginyard, Jr. (whom is now Pastor) was appointed to continue the lead and legacy of the founding father’s church.  Our church suffered a fire in which God has blessed us to overcome and move forward.  Our church was renamed Temple of Deliverance COGIC (formally Deliverance COGIC.)  So many adversaries came at us, the devil tried but we succeeded and will continue to do so.  Our music ministry goes beyond just our recording group.  We have a wonderful praise and worship ministry and a music production ministry as well.
  • Continue to keep God first and not just in one aspect of your life but in ALL aspects of your life.  Don’t bend, bow, sell-out or wavier to what the devil and his army has to offer.  You must ask God to let His will be done in your life and ask him to direct and keep you.  Keep your mind, body and soul in the way you would have Christ to do so Do not lose focus of why you sing….if it’s not glorifying Christ and to the edification of Him then you’ve lost your prize.
  • Sean did a wonderful promo video regarding “Anybody”, we have some “oops” moments…lol…lol…