Stacye Cranford of Canton, Michigan is “FM98 Strong Inspirations with

Deborah Smith Pollard” and’s spotlight artist for June



We asked Stacye Cranford a few questions about the work that went into

creating “Be Lord of My Life.”

What are some of the innovative ways you’re promoting your


(Naturally) – I try to have it played by as

many radio stations possible, I try to use my cd as a seed, and I sow it into

different people’s lives, areas, etc. for FREE!!, I don’t turn down any event

(as long as God has opened the door),


(Spiritually) -The ultimate way

to promote your project is by maintaining your connection with God (he’s the

ULTIMATE promoter!!), he knows how to promote his people, and he is our POWER

SOURCE. God gave me a vision of a vacuum, when it’s unplugged from the socket

(power source), there is no movement, no advancement, no nothing, it’s just

there. But when you CONNECT it, it moves, gets results, ADVANCES FORWARD!!

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness (get, and REMAIN

connected to him,)……..and ALL these things (promotion) will be added unto


Do you have any advice for

aspiring artists about the creative process and/or surmounting any hurdles

artists may encounter?

I ask

God every morning to give me witty inventions, and good ideas concerning my

project, and he does just that.  Again, Maintain your connection with God

(the ultimate CREATOR). We were made in HIS image and HIS likeness. (we are

mirrors that are supposed to reflect him). If he is the ultimate creator and

we are to be imitators of him, then all of the creativity that is in him, is

in us.

With regards to overcoming hurdles – BE CONSISTENT, BE

PERSISTENT, NEVER GIVE UP!! Also ask God to give you the blessings of ORDERED

steps. a lot of hurdles we won’t encounter if we had just known not to go that



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    Stacye Cranford is a

    and anointed psalmist who causes praise to flow from the lips of those who are
    blessed to experience her ministry.
    She is a native of Toledo, OH, who now resides in The Detroit area. Not only

    she an accomplished gospel singer, she is also a devoted wife, a mother of

    children, and the Co-Pastor of Back2Life Deliverance Center located in
    Detroit, MI and Toledo, OH.

    Stacye has been singing in and directing choirs since the age of three. “I
    remember they used to make me stand on two choir boxes so that I could direct
    the convention choir” she says. The greatest musical influence on Stacye
    was her mother, Mrs. Eleanor Clark. She trained Stacye to sing in the old
    gospel quartet style and carried her all over the country with her group: The
    Glory Land Singers. Her dream was for her, and her daughter, to one day record
    an album together. However, Mrs. Clark passed away before her dream could be

    Stacye was only 14 years old when her mother died. Although she was devastated
    by her loss, Stacye determined in her heart to cause her mother’s vision to
    come to pass:

    *At age 16 she won the local NAACP ACT-SO competition in the vocal solo

    *She placed 4th out of 400 in the national finals of the same competition.

    *She performed lead vocals on the Toledo Mass Choir’s album. Song entitled

    on Him. Written by Bishop Andre Woods.

    *She served as a lead singer for Keith Dobbins and the Resurrection Mass


    In 1999, Stacye formed her own group, which was later named Glorious Praise.
    Their name comes from Stacye’s motto, found in Psalms 66:2. It says “Sing
    forth the honor of his name…Make his PRAISE GLORIOUS”. Stacye Cranford
    & Glorious Praise have shared the stage with great gospel artists such as:
    Kim Burrell, Vanessa Bell-Armstrong, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson,
    Smokie Norful, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Karen Clark-Sheard, Marcus Cole

    Crystal Rucker, Tye Tribbett, Lexi, David Ivey, and many more.

    Stacye is also an anointed actress. She has appeared in several gospel music
    plays such as: “Things That Make Men Pray,” and “Exposed.”
    She was producer of the hit drama productions “Hell House” and “Somebody’s


    On September 7, 2002, Stacye was blessed and highly favored of the Lord to
    release her first solo CD entitled:
    “Be Lord Of My Life.” Stacye’s vision is “to go into the
    highways and hedges, ushering all people and all nations into the presence of
    the Lord Jesus.”