Carl B. Phillips interviewed William Murphy at the Wal-Mart in Livonia on June 2, 2007 to as he was in town promoting his new CD “The Sound.”

Carl B: What is “The Sound?”

WM: The Sound – it’s my new record or a song I should say that God started writing in my heart in December of 2004 when I found myself in a situation where I wasn’t sure if I was going to get out of it.It was a situation that I got myself into.A lot of times we say the devil did it but it was me this time.I wasn’t sure that I was coming out and God said don’t panic – I got you.He said I’m using this situation to develop your character and to cultivate a sound in your spirit. He said it’s the sound that I heard in Jericho.It’s the sound I heard from Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail.It’s the sound that I’m going to use to set my people free.So it started out as a sermon but it evolved into a song that as we sing it across the country it started to give people hope, and to encourage them.A lot of people think that what we need is without us but it’s actually within us.God said it’s a sound that’s in your belly that I’m gonna use to break you through.So you don’t need to get in a prayer line or have somebody prophesy over you.You just need to open your mouth and release that sound.It’s the sound of Jubilee.It will release their destiny and empower them to look the devil in the face and say, “I want all my stuff back.”

Carl B: Who are some of the people you worked with on the project?

WM: Of course I’m a loyal type of guy so you’ll see a lot of the same names on all my records like my Dad, my brothers, Chick Dixon, and Shannon Davis.We did a couple of cover tunes.We did a tune called “Empty Me” that was featured on Jeremy Camp’s last record. We did another cover tune that David and Nicole Binion recorded and actually Nicole sang with me on that song.So we flipped it up a little bit.And of course some stuff that I write.I believe and this is not just my feeling but as people hear the record and comment on it they say that this is my best record to date.

Carl B: How has pastoring changed your music ministry?

WM: Actually it has not changed it much especially in terms of my traveling. I’ve always been committed to my church and given my church priority when it comes to my Sundays and Wednesdays.Actually I think it’s added another dimension to it.Now when we travel around people know that I’m pastoring so it has opened some doors for me in terms of ministry opportunities.My music ministry has benefited my pastoring because people know me from my music ministry and it’s been a blessing because both areas can prosper.

Carl B: Now that you are in Atlanta, what memories of the Detroit gospel music scene do you have?

WM: Man, you don’t have all day.I can start back on Mt. Elliot at Prayer Tabernacle Church. The church I was born into.I have memories of my mother getting happy and forgetting that I was on her lap.So the floor and I became well acquainted.Of course I came up in Prayer Tabernacle till I was eight.I remember the Craig Brothers, Rudolph Stanfield, Keith Pringle, and of course Thomas Whitfield, who actually gave me my first opportunity to participate in a professional recording when I was sixteen years old. I sang background for Douglas Miller and we made a record that was produced by the Maestro himself. I was a part of that because I was involved with Michael Mindingall’s Communion.Being faithful in my grandfather’s church and later my Dad’s church.There are so many memories from the midnight musicals at Craig Memorial.This city is so rich in its heritage regarding gospel music and just ministry period.So many powerful ministries and ministers have come out of Detroit.The Winans have been staples for years.There is Commission, The Clark Sisters, Deitrick Haddon, Mitchell Jones, Carl B. Phillips, Oscar Hayes, Darius Twyman, Derrick Milan, and the list goes on and on.I am grateful that God allowed me to matriculate in the city of Detroit in terms of growing and learning and I know that I am who I am because of the seed that was planted in this city.

Carl B: Thanks man for your time!

WM: Thank you Carl…