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” What Do You Do When The Seasons Change? “

As with everything else it seems I’ve taken something else for granted. When I moved to Florida for Film School I didn’t realize how much I appreciated the change of seasons. I know some of you will call me crazy but I became greatly depressed during Thanksgiving and Christmas when I saw people swimming and Christmas lights on palm trees. I don’t even know why they had a meteorologist on the news because all they had to say was, “it’s going to be another sunny day!”

The word of God even says that there’s a season for everything. There is a season to laugh and a season to cry. There is a season to live and a season to die.  I think we’re so fortunate to be living in the Midwest because we’re able to see the changing of the seasons. From spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, and then winter back to spring. For me the changing (seasons) gives me time to prepare throughout the year. I even group my friend’s birthdays and anniversaries according to what time of year it is. When it’s hot outside you don’t cook so heavy in the house. Instead you go out and cook on the grill. When it’s cold outside you tend to have chili and the big Sunday dinners. Summer clothes are on sale in the fall and winter clothes are on sale in the spring. You tend to look forward to the next season, no matter the pros or cons it may bring.

I’ve never heard a child of God say, “I can’t wait for my season to not be noticed” or “my season to sit still,” or “my season to not provide but be at the mercy of other people’s kindness.”  I never hear Christians say, “when is my season to be sick?” or “when is it my season to cry, hurt, and feel like you’re not near me?”  How about hearing the saints say something like, “when is it my season to watch everyone else be blessed although I’m being obedient?”

There is a change of seasons in a Christian’s life. That’s what the whole idea behind sowing and reaping. And when you’re sowing it isn’t easy but the job has to be done. There’s the turning of the soil, pulling out unwanted grass and weeds, getting blisters, being bit by bugs, being out in the sun and burning up, and even missing out on something fun to do. But when it’s harvest time, when the seasons change you’re ready to reap. Hallelujah!

This is also something we don’t talk about. What do you do when the seasons change, especially in your favor? Do you get haughty and think it’s about time? Do you brag under the guise of giving God praise? Or do you let your light so shine before men that people come to you because they see the glory of God in your life and then you testify of His goodness. There is a difference. Some of us are in “Florida” and not because it’s a good place but because God can’t trust you in any other seasons. He won’t get the glory in the end. It’ll be all about you or because you don’t want to grow up. You want to be as a child on milk forever instead of going through some things that season change brings like chastisement, challenges, commitment, courage, and the big one – patience!

I moved back to Detroit as soon as I could. Not because I wasn’t doing well in Florida, but because my season there in Florida was over. What do you do when the seasons change?

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