Jeff Majors and Brenda on the 2008 “One Love Cruise”

Friday, February 20, 2009, the 3rd Annual Tour for the Homeless was hosted by Hope United Methodist Church, 26275 Northwestern Hwy in Southfield, MI, featuring Jeff Majors and his group, Sacred Voices, along with LaShell Griffith and Walter “Bunny” Siegler. Jeff is a 2009 Stellar Awards Nominee, host of TV One’s The Gospel of Music and Radio One’s Sunday Morning Joy which is simulcast in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD.It was a night of giving back where a local radio station took blanket donations to further the cause.After a marvelous night of singing and playing the harp, Jeff took time to talk to

DGC: Jeff, what motivated or initiated you to create this “Tour for the Homeless?”

JEFF: Several things impacted this journey and it began when I was walking through D.C. near Howard University and saw a man eating out of the trashcan. I lost my mind, the original one wasn’t working because I could not see how this was happening.Based on the scripture, “we are living in perilous times,” I’ve come to find out that 6.8 million families will be homeless this year, but war, natural disasters and foreclosures were not factored into that figure.So, I had to let the cities know, “there is a balm in Gilead.”I had to do something.

DGC: How has it impacted you personally, seeing the results of this wonderful effort?

JEFF: For me, the continued thirst to touch more people in need keeps me going, along with the gratification I get from the light in folks eyes when they receive socks, toothpaste, and other personal hygiene items and the blankets. Just them knowing someone cares and is out here trying to do something about the situation.

DGC: How has the tour impacted the cities you have visited, toward relieving the problems of the homeless?

JEFF: The cities are thankful for how the monies are trickling in for the homeless; a bill has passed for shelters for 1.5 million homeless; and, President Barack Obama is initiating a bill for homeowners, but the concern is with those who have already lost their homes.The church is going to have to be the savior for the community.

DGC: What inspired you to invite LaShell Griffith and Walter “Bunny” Siegler to join you on this tour?

JEFF: I have worked with Bunny for over 13 years and LaShell was just a breath of fresh air when her music crossed his desk.So I knew there would be an additional anointing from God as we toured.

DGC: Thank you Jeff for taking this time with and you do as the Lord said and “Go and feed my sheep.”