By Carl B. Phillips

Nothing could have prepared the city of Detroit for the awesome blessings coming from the “2007 Breakthrough Conference” held under the “Big Tent” at Second Ebenezer Baptist Church. was privileged to be present as Pastor Edgar Vann, First Lady Sheila Vann, and the entire Second Ebenezer Church family truly set the table for the Lord God “to come in and sup” with us. The power of the Holy Ghost rained down with the anointing on each night of “Breakthrough 2007.” The service was broadcast to 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 28 foreign countries.

The first night of Conference got under way with Bishop Noel Jones telling us to “Stop Trippin'” as he brought forth the Word of God. Bishop Jones even preached himself into a shout. This set the stage for the “marvelous” ministry of Pastor Marvin Sapp from Grand Rapids, MI. Pastor Sapp set the house up with “We’re Gonna be Blessed, but not here.” Three regular services came together as one on Sunday morning as Bishop Liston Page, Jr. of Patterson, NJ preached on “Getting a Breakthrough in a Hostile Church Environment.” Bishop Page had everyone realizing there are those in the church who must be “marked and noted” for the deeds they have done.

As if the weekend ministry was not enough, Monday night had Pastor Jamal-Harrison Bryant, the Pastor of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, trying to bring the tent down by sharing the Word of God on “Seal the Deal.” While Pastor Neil Ellis was unable to attend as scheduled, God always has a ram in the bush and did not let “Breakthrough” miss a beat. Pastor Sheryl Brady came in a day early and shared, “I am being followed,” and she told us we were being followed by mercy and grace. Then Wednesday night, Pastor Brady continued in the fire of the Holy Ghost by telling us “When Praise Doesn’t work — Bowled over, but I’m here anyway.”

Nightly the praise team lead by Elder Charles Curry set the atmosphere for the Presence of God to come and “dwell amongst us.” Min. Michael Fletcher lead the choirs of Second Ebenezer in the singing ministry on Sunday. Second Eb’s own Darius Twyman and Elder Curry preached in song before the services. Tuesday the blessings of song were ministered by Evangelist Karen Clark Sheard — with Kiki Sheard in support of her mother.

Pastor Vann shared a glimpse of the vision God gave him, through a video preview of Second Ebenezer’s new edifice, which is coming to fruition off I-75 at McNichols and Dequindre. Detroit, get ready, get ready, get ready for 7-7-07 — that is going to be the day the address changes for this Church family. Thus, this was the last year (2007 — the year of completion) that this conference will be held under the massive, 3,000+ seat capacity tent. To God be the Glory for all that He has done.