JR/HS Student Lock
In “NXII,” Friday, June 2, 2017, at 7PM, at East Lake Baptist Church,
12400 E Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48215. Admission: $25. Prizes! Fun!
Fellowship! Painting! Food! Workshops! Call 313.821.9348 for more info. Do you
have a teenager who is having trouble embracing God? Or a child who is dealing
with a negative self-image due to cyber-bullying, depression, or any of the
other issues plaguing teenagers today? If so, you should have them attend
“NXII”! “NXII” will be a “Youth Lock-In” that is
going to be a fun-filled, Christ-centered event designed to help young people
understand that God is still relevant to their lives. There will be breakout
sessions dealing with issues such as self-esteem and cyber bullying, along with
a basketball tournament and arts and crafts. Food will be provided. The event
will take place on June 2, 2017, and will last from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. The cost
is $25 per child. “NXII” is open to any student in middle school and
high school (grades 6th through 12th).