Don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet: Exclusive Red Carpet Photos

Dateline: Tuesday, March 14, 2006, The Star Theatre, Southfield, Michigan

Photos By: Karen Hunt Barker

Steve Harvey was in town for the Red Carpet premiere of his new movie, “Don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet,” at the Star Theater in Southfield. Detroit’s “who’s who” were in the house as Steve Harvey’s friends and well-wishers got a private screening of the comedian’s latest movie. Those present included Aretha Franklin, Huel Perkins, former NBA star Derrick Coleman, J Moss, PAJAM’s Paul Allen and Walter Kearney, comedian Horace “HB” Sanders, and recording artist and Oprah Pop Star Challenge winner LaShell Griffin. “Don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet” opened nationwide in theaters on March 17, 2006. The movie was filmed last year during T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest 2005, and boasts a “no-profanity” PG rating.

The movie got rave reviews from Detroit staffer Renee’ who was at the premiere. It received 3 out of 4 stars from Detroit Free Press movie critic, Terry Lawson. “Don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet” marks a transition for Steve Harvey to clean, family-friendly comedy in which he deals with topics such as relationships, family, and church. Funny throughout, the movie closes on a powerful and uplifting note.

Steve Harvey Red Carpet Steve Harvey
Aretha Franklin Steve Harvey
Horace "HB" Sanders Ramiyah
Huel Perkins Jamillah Muhammed
LaShelle Griffen Steve Harvey
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Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey Steve Harvey