Triumph Church presents “Road to RESURRECTION,” based on a sermon from
Pastor Solomon Kinloch and written and directed by TJ Hemphill. April 3,
4, & 5, 2015: Friday & Saturday ~ 8PM; Sunday ~ 7:30PM.
Admission Free! You must have a ticket! Tickets will be available after
the March 15th service and limited to four per family. This triumphant
celebration of the cross of Christ from the eyes of the Apostle Peter.
The dramatic play takes us into the life of Peter as he struggles to
make sense of the impending doom facing the man he had come to love and
follow. Eager to learn, yet impetuous and prone to mistakes, Peter is
challenged to claim a relationship with Jesus, a relationship that could
ultimately lead to his own death. “…an intense display of human
fragility!” “…soul-searching!” “…an unforgettable spiritual
experience!” Triumph Church ~ North Campus (Millennium Centre), 15600
J.L. Hudson Dr., Southfield, MI 48075. For more information call
313.386.8044 or visit