Holy Week “The Seven Last Words” with music by Theodore DuBois and
featuring Hartford Cathedral Choir, GOOD FRIDAY, April 14, 2017 at 12:00 NOON.
THE FIRST WORD: Father William Danaher; Rector of Christ Church Cranbrook. THE
SECOND WORD: The Rev. Charles C. Adams; Presiding Pastor, HMBC. THE THIRD WORD:
The Rev. D.J. Reed; Pastor, Chilson Hills Church. THE FOURTH WORD: The Rev. Dr.
Kenneth J. Flowers; Pastor Greater New Mt. Moriah. THE FIFTH WORD: The Rev. Dr.
Stephen Butler Murray; President, ETS. THE SIXTH WORD: The Rev. Dr. Dee Dee
Coleman; Pastor, Russell Street Baptist. THE SEVENTH WORD: The Rev. Dr. Charles
G. Adams; Pastor, HMBC. Hartford Memorial Baptist Church; 18700 James Couzens
Highway; Detroit, Michigan 48235; www.hmbcdetroit.org. Rev. Dr. Charles G.
Adams, Pastor; Rev. Charles C. Adams, Presiding Pastor.